Collection of quotes.

1.Happiness comes from within your heart and

not from your surroundings.

2.God loves you! To prove this He’s made all the

beauties and pleasures of nature for you to enjoy.

3.Negative or positive-one of these two can

make you or break you, depending on what you choose.

4.Give God a chance and He will make something

beautiful of your life.

5.To let pressure dictate your life and chase out

the enjoyment, is like letting a foe dictate your

schedule and forbid you to enjoy your family

and friends.

6.Smile!God loves you! Keep smiling and others

will too.

7.Good things come to those who wait. Better

things come to those who try.

8.A merry heart is a good medicine but a broken

spirit can make you sick.

9.The universe is an intricate clock, designed

and tended to by the Master Watchmaker.

10.Let us be children in faith, in unconditional

love and in happiness.Let us be adults in

experience, in compassion and in wisdom.


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