China Tour.

At 12.30 AM, midnight we catch the flight at Kempe Gowda

International airport , Bangalore, to Bangkok,and reached

The Suvarna Bhumi  Airport at Bangkok at 6 AM. Bangkok

is the capital of Thailand,ruled by the monarch of Chakkri

dynasty.At 10 AM catch the flight to Beijing and reached at

3.30 PM.We had been allotted rooms at hotel ”Holiday Inn”.Indian

food served at Indian hotel named ”Indian Ganges Hotel”.

Breakfast was complimentary.The staff in the hotel don’t

know English.The must-see attractions of China were offered

with an escorted tour sponsored by Thomas Cook.

a)The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications made of

stone, brick, tamped earth, wood and other materials, built

along an east to west line.The Great Wall stretches from

Dandong in the east to Lop Lake in the west.It takes about

30-40 minutes to climb thousands of steps to reach the

Great Wall in Beijing.

b)Beijing National Stadium, designed for  hosting winter

olympics and paralympics.

c)History of the Forbidden city begins in the 15th century,

when it was built as the palace of the Ming emperors of

China. It is located in the centre of Beijing, China. The

floors of major halls were paved with golden bricks.

d)A war memorial is a building to commemorate those

who died in world war I.

e)The summer palace is a vast ensemble of lakes, gardens

and palaces in Beijing.

f)Shanghai Maglev train is a magnetic levitation train

with speed 431 km/h.

g)”A P Plaza Mall” is Pudong’s biggest market located

underground in Metro Line 2 of Shanghai.

h)The Longhua temple is a Buddhist temple.

i)Wuzhen,”The  Venice  of China” is a beautiful

6,500 year old water town near Shanghai.

j)Shanghai Oriental Pearl T V  and Radio Tower,

with a height of 468 meters is the world’s 6th

highest T V and Radio Tower, which stands by

the bank of Huanghu river.

k)Shanghai museum is a museum of ancient Chinese art.

l)Tian Hou Silk Company  is the largest tourist oriented

professional silk company.

Must -see -places in Hong Kong are-

a)Ladies Market-about a kilo metre of street market

bustle and clothing accessories and souvenir bargains.

b)Ocean Park–Thrill rides, giant pandas and a world

class aquarium keep  ocean park on Hong Kong’s

list of favourites.

Xian is a world famous cultural city. It has numerous

historical sites containing many artefacts;among

which,  the terra-cotta figures of the Qin Dynasty

are considered to be the most outstanding.

Macau is an island in the South China sea.

It is just a short one-hour  ferry ride from Hong Kong.

Attractions in Macau Island are-

a)Kun Lam Temple-this Buddhist temple is

dedicated to Kun Lam (Goddess of Mercy).

b)Ruins of St.Paul’s.The facade which was

left after fire in 1835, becomes the world famous

monument. At the back of the facade is the museum

of Sacred  Art and Crypt.

c)Macau Tower is 338 meters above ground. It is

the highest tower for bungy jumping.It also has a

sky walk.It also has cinema, restaurants and

some shops.

At Macau we were staying in Regency hotel and at

Days Hotel in Shanghai. Guides were friendly.I

enjoyed the tour in the company of friends.

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