Musings on the Cycle of Birth and Death.

Life has been described as a long preparation for death.

The manner, time and place of death are all unknown

and unknowable too.

The only welcome aspect of death is that it is a great

reliever of pain, misery and suffering.

Why we are afraid of death? Is it because it transports

us from light to darkness, from a known area to an unknown


The following are the fundamental questions for which

we can’t  get plausible and verifiable answers…

The soul cannot operate independent of the body.

Then, where and in what form will the immortal soul be,

till it gets into the womb and gets a  new body ?

How much time will elapse between death and the

assumption of new body?

Why and for what purpose have we been sent to

this world?

Where did the person who was alive, just a few

minutes before, go after his death?

Death, as also birth is governed by the inexorable

cosmic laws of srushti(creation), stithi(maintenance)

and laya(destruction).

Source:Author-R.G. Subrahmanyam.

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