Homage to Mother.

You only cast off the mortal shell

Wherein your inner reality did dwell

You were, you are and forever will remain

United with us in the spiritual domain.

The flame you lit still burns bright in our hearts

What a beautiful memory to leave behind.

We saw you fade like a flower

But could not make you stay, dear;

The tears in our eyes we can wipe away

But the ache in our hearts ever stay.

God took you to His tender care

This for us is hard to bear.

Your gentle face and twinkling eye

In our memory will never die.

As time enfolds another year

Loving memories keep you near.

Your presence once our great pleasure

Your memory now our great treasure.

The tears can be wiped away

But the pains in our hearts will ever stay.

Time heals the grief but memory  keeps haunting.

God closed your eyes to ease your pain

To wish you back would be in vain.

Always gentle, loving and kind

What beautiful memories you left behind.


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