Collection of Quotes.

1.Religions  pass away, God remains.

-Vincent Van Gogh.

2.The best feelings are those that have no words

to describe them.

-Michelle Hammersley.

3.Work to increase not the height of the bed but the

depth of your sleep.

-Paramahamsa shri Nityaananda.

4.A nation suffers when ”popular opinions” become

more important than ”values and justice”.

-Shiv Khera.

5.Of all the earthly music, that which reaches

farthest into heaven, is the beating of a ”truly loving”


6.Attempt to subvert nature and nature takes its revenge.

7.Past scholars studied to improve themselves.Today’s

scholars study to  impress others.


8.The greatest work of art is our lives.


9.Give us good women, we will have a great civilization.

Give us good mothers, we will have a great nation.

-Dr .Radha Krishnan.

10.Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our

society. The optimist invents the aeroplane and the

pessimist the parachute.

-Gil Stern.

11.Foundation of lies will bring down a building  however

high in the skies.

12.Truth is rarely pure and never simple.

-Oscar Wilde.

13.Do not value the ”things” in your life, but ”who”

you have in your life.

14.Anger is a brief madness.


15.The old believe everything; the middle aged suspect

everything; the young know everything.

-Oscar Wilde.


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