Do You Know?

1.Dr.Y.G.Parameshwara was a medical doctor in

the State of Karnataka, India.He was the first Indian

and only the second blind doctor in the world; the first

one being Dr.David Hartman of U.S.

2.David Hartman(B:September 11,1931;D:February 10,2013)

was the first blind person to graduate from U.S.Medical school.

He received the doctorate in medicine from Temple University

in Philadelphia.He also was a Jewish author.He is the author of

the autobiography,”White Coat, White Cane:The Extraordinary

Odyssey  of a Blind Physician”

3.T-cell therapy  for blood cancer-In adoptive T-cell therapy,

T-cells(a type of white blood cell  involved in fighting infection)

are extracted from the patient and modified to recognize

unique cancer markers and attack the cells carrying those

markers. They are then re-infused back into the patient

where they can kill cancer cells throughout the body.

4.In ancient Greek culture, Dike was the Goddess of

justice.She was the daughter of Zeus and Themis.

Dike represented human justice, while Themis

was the representation of divine justice. Dike is

represented as a young, slender woman,

carrying a physical balance scale and wearing

a laurel wreath, while Goddess Justitia her

Roman equivalent, appears in a similar fashion

but blind-folded.

5.Sanskrit is the South Asian language with the

longest continuous record of being taught at the

University of Chicago ever since the founding of

the university in 1892.

Tokiyo’sNational Institution of informatics and

Kogakuin University have developed a set of glasses

that when worn, would thwart facial recognition



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