Do You Know?

1.Q.Why does  an overdose of sleeping pills cause


Ans.Sleeping pills contains salt like alplazlam,

diazipalm, nitrogipalm or other tricyclic anti-

hypertensions. These pills shows onset action

on our central nervous system situated at the

hypothalamus.These onset action depresses

our brain which result in sleep. On excess doses

of sleeping pills, the central nervous system of

the brain gets completely inactive and thus stops

our regular body action thus causing death.

2.Q. Why does the blood clot outside the body

and not in blood vessels?

Ans:Blood clotting is a mechanism carried out by

an important inactive enzyme in our blood called

prothrombin which is kept in check with another

substance  in the blood called anti-prothrombin

or heparin. Thus, inside the body blood does not

coagulate due to the presence of this heparin. When

an injury occurs and the blood begins to escape from

the injured tissue cells, blood platelets release a substance

called platelet factor-3 which combines with blood proteins

and convert them to prothrombo plastin which changes

to thromboplastin when they react with calcium ions.

This thromboplastin changes inactive prothrombin

into active thrombin which acts on blood the protein

fibrogen to change it to fibrin. Fibrin becomes a network

of fine fibres to form a blood clot.

3.Q. Why do we sleep?

Ans.Our brain has a cell signalling the pathway.

It’s circuit regulates the brain. Sleep occurs when

the brain receives sleep signal.

4.Q.Why nails and hair continues to grow even 5 to 6

hours after death?

Ans.All the cells of the human body do not die at the

time of death. Hence the metabolic process continues.

Cell dies, only  after the oxygen supply to that particular

area was reduced, thus leading to the phenomenon.

This is another reason, as to why human organs can be

transplanted, even after a few hours of death.

5.Q. Why faces of animal off springs resemble their

parents while this is not the case in humans ?

A person is a combination of two cells-one from

the mother, another from the father. The DNA of

two cells can never be the same. Hence even the

twins are not similar. Same is the case with animals.

However we are unable to perceive it.




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