Taking Care Of The Child.

Crime among children can be attributed to television

and cinema.In fact today, films have emerged as the

single most, powerful medium, capable of affecting

the mind of the viewers, either adversely or otherwise.

The mind of a child being flexible and open to fresh

ideas, readily absorbs the contents of the silver screen.

It goes without saying that children deprived of attention

and care are mostly the ones who resort to crimes.

Or it may be that in its pursuit of ever-new things

and unable to find the right way, the child’s mind

takes devilish shapes.

But the adults and the society that patronises

violent films, are as much to be blamed as the

producers, directors and actors. The parents should

spend more time with their children and give them

care and attention.Children must be exposed to

religious teachings and scriptures. Practices such

as yoga and meditation should be encouraged.

Restrained TV viewing should be brought into effect.

These can certainly reduce crime among children to

a large extent.

Source:E. Subhashini Madras.


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