Fun For All.

1.A student trying to understand the nature of God asked Him,

”God, how long is a million years to you?”

God answered, ”A million years is like a minute.”

Then the teen asked,”God, how much is a million dollars to you?”

God replied,”A million dollars is like a penny.”

The teen asked,”God, could you give me a penny?”

And God said,”in a minute”

2.There are three basic rules for having good teeth:

a.Brush them twice a day.

b.See your dentist twice a year.

c.Keep your nose out of other people’s business.

3.If this world is a theatre, where do the spectators sit?

4.A was an apple pie.

B.-Bit it.C.-Cut it.D.-Dealt it.E.-Eat it.F.-Fought for it.

G.-Got it. H.-Had it.I.-Inspected it.J.-Joined for it.

K.-Kept it. L.-Longed for it. M.-Mourned for it.N.-Nodded

for it. O.-Opened it.P.-Peeped in it. Q.-Quartered it.

R.-Ran for it.S.-Stole it.T.-Took it. U.-Upset it. V.-Viewed it.

W.-Wanted it.X,Y,Z and &, All wished for a piece in hand.


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