Gender Injustice.

Challenge of creating a good society requires both

men and women to co-operate rather than confront

and overcome their urge for self assertion and

annihilation of the other. But how many men are

willing to eschew their ego and dominant attitude

and contribute to the creation of a good society in

which women can enjoy equal status and live with

dignity and honour? Behind every successful man

there is a woman but behind every successful woman,

there are a number of obstacles and discouragement.

The root cause of gender injustice and inequality is the

perpetration of double standards of morality, one for

man and another for woman. From the mother’s womb

to the grave, the female sex is subjected to a number of

crimes like foeticide, infanticide, dowry deaths and so on.

Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights

are human rights.


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