Quotes about traffic.

Alert today-Alive tomorrow.

A little care  makes accidents rare.

Accidents bring tears; safety brings cheers.

Accidents do not happen; they are caused.

A motorbike is for two; not for too many.

All accidents are preventable.

Apply  breaks judiciously, not abruptly.

Be alert; accidents hurt.

Be cautious; life is precious.

Better be Mister Late than to be Late Mister.

Clean the window screen before driving.

Driving faster can cause disaster.

Donate blood but not on roads.

Drive don’t fly.

Don’t drink and drive.

Double check to prevent a wreck.

Drive fine;avoid fine.

Drive carefully to live joyfully.

Don’t  let accidents unfold; keep your eyes

on the road.

Don’t be rash, lest you crash.

Don’t leave your life on the road.

Fast drive could be your last drive.

Follow traffic rules; save life and fuel.

Fast drive could be your last drive.

If you want to stay married, divorce speed.

Ice and snow-take it slow.

If you don’t have traffic sense, you will find

yourself in Ambulance.

Kill your speed, don’t kill others and yourself.

Know road safety, no injury.

Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer.

Night doubles traffic troubles.

Normal speed meets every need.

Overtake with caution and care.

Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.

Reckless driving lust may be your ticket to some

place out of this world.

Road safety is a state of mind; accident is an

absence of mind.

”Speed” has five letters; so has ”death”.

”Slow has four letters; so has ”life”.

Traffic rules are life saving tools.

While driving, avoid  phone or else your

family will be left alone.

Wait for the red; don’t end up dead.


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