Inspiring Women Achievers.

1.Maria Gaetana Agnesi (B:May 16,1718;D:January 9,1799)

was an Italian mathematician, philosopher,theologian and

humanitarian. She was the first woman to write a mathematics

handbook and the first woman appointed as a mathematics

professor at a university.

2.Barbara Taylor Bradford (B:May 10,1933) is a best selling

British-American novelist. Her debut novel, ”A Woman of

Substance”was published in 1979 and has sold over 30 million

copies worldwide.

3.Mary Wollstonecraft (B:April 27,1759;D:September 10,1797)

was an English writer, philosopher and advocate of women’s

rights. She wrote novels,treatises, a travel narrative, a history

of French Revolution, a conduct book and a children’s book.

4.Rebecca Walker(B:November 17,1969) is an American writer.

She was an integral part in founding the Third Wave Fund.

The mission of the organization was to mobilize young

people to become involved socially and politically in their

communities.The Fund was turned into a foundation in

1997 and still continues to support young activists.

5.Tirumale Rajamma,(B:November 20,1900) well known

with the pen name ”Bharati”,was an accomplished singer

and writer.She played Veena.

6.Shakuntala Devi (B:November 4, 1929;D:April 21,2013)

was an Indian writer and mental calculator,

popularly known as the ”human computer”.A child prodigy,

her talent  earned her a place in 1982 edition of The Guinness

Book of World Records.

7.Sitara Devi(B:November 8,1920;D:November 25,2014) was

an eminent Indian dancer of the classical Kathak style of dancing.

She is described as the Kathak Queen.

8.Jayadevi Taayi Ligade (B:1912,June 23;D:1986,July 25)is a

prominent woman writer of Karnataka. She created history

in 1974, by becoming the first woman writer to preside over

the 48th Kannada Sahitya Sammelana. She fought for joining

Sholapur to Karnataka. She was a bilingual(Kannada and Marathi)

writer. She wrote ”Sri Siddarameshwara Purana”, a long poem.

9.B.Prabha,(B:1933;D:2001) was an Indian artist. Her works found

perennial theme in the lives of rural women of Rajasthan. By the

time of her death, her works had been shown in over 50 exhibitions.

Her works of art are found in National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi.

10.Gangadevi was a Telugu princess and poetess in the Vijayanagar Empire

during the 14th century. She was the first woman writer in Sanskrit, poetess and historian .She composed Sanskrit poem known as ”Madhura Vijayam”

She was the wife of Kumara Kampanna II.

11.Tirumalamba, a poetess of Vijayanagar Empire, wrote

”Varadambica Parinayam” in Sanskrit. She wrote a number of

poems invoking Kannadaness(love for Kannada) and the Kannada


12. Jyotirmayee Devi(January 23,1894-1988) was an Indian writer in the early

20th century. She is best known for her short stories which have

a wonderfully understated dry wit and sharp sociological observation.

13.Zubeida Begum,(1911-1988) was the first Indian talkie actress in

the film, ”Alam Ara”. She was the daughter of Nawab of Sachin

and Fatima Begum.Fatima Begum was one of the early super stars

in Indian cinema and India’s first female film director.

14.Murasaki Shikibu(973AD to 1014AD) was  a Japanese novelist

and poet during  Japan’s glorious Heian period.”The Tale of Genji”

composed by her is considered to be one of the finest and earliest novels.

15.Anna Bissel(B:December 2,1846;D:November 8, 1943) was the

first female C.E.O. of  The Bissel Company (U.S.A.)which produced

sweepers and later vacuums.



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