List of Words with Multiple Meaning.


Address————-1.Manner of speaking to

person;2.The name of a place where a person or

organization is located.

Arrest————–1.Take into custody;2.An

act of stopping the progress of.

Bank—————1.The side of a river; 2. An

establishment authorised by the government to

accept deposit and to lending activities.

Bar—————-1.Long, evenly shaped

piece of metal or wood used as a guard/barrier.

2.A place where beverages like liquors or light

meals are served to customers.

Bear—————–1.To hold or carry; endure

2.Large solitary animals that like to eat honey; they

come in all sizes and shades.

Bond—————–1.Something that binds

or holds together. 2.a cord, rope.3.Any written

obligation under seal.

Blue-1.The colour of a clear sky 2.Depressed in spirit;

bleak  characterised by rigid  morals or religion 3.marked

by blasphemy.4. gloomy and despairing.

Back——————1.The rear part of the human body.

2.Return to an earlier position. 3.To support, help.

Break—————–1.Split 2.Stop abruptly to begin


Being————-1. Aliveness 2.Person.

Board————–1. A flat piece of rigid material designed

to display information.2. To enter.

Credit————-1.Honour given for some action.

2. Granting a loan.

Court————–1. A place where justice is administered,

2.Be involved with someone romantically.3. A quadrangular area

marked out for games such as tennis.4.To seek the affection of; woo.

5.To act as to invite or provoke.

Cricket————1.A game played by 2 teams of 11


Cause————–1.The reason or motive for some

human action.2.Produce an effect.2.A dark colored insect

with long antenna, that jumps, eats plants and makes a

chirping sound.

Crane—————-1.A bird. 2.A device for lifting

the object.

Coach—————1.A large horse drawn four wheeled

carriage, 2. A person who trains an athlete or a team of athletes.

Charge————–1. To impose price  of a thing.2. In command;

having supervisory power.

Cast—————-1.To throw away. 2. The group of performers

to whom parts are assigned; players. 3.To scheme; plan.

Can—————1.To be able to/may 2.A sealed container

for food, beverages etc.

Cover————–1.Envelop. 2. To place something over/upon

as for protection/ concealment or warmth.

Country——————1. A nation or rural districts.2.Rude,

unpolished, rustic.

Coat——————–1. An outer garment/a layer of anything

that covers a surface for decoration or protection.2.Spread, smear.

Cap——————–1.A headdress denoting occupation, religious

order or the like.2.To put a maximum limit on (prices, wages, spending etc.)

3.Provide a fitting climax or conclusion to.

Clear——————1. Transparent without a blemish.

2. Easily heard 3. Free of confusion.4.To remove people/objects from.

Company—————–1.Be a friend of. 2.A number of persons

united for business.

Current——————–1.Belonging to the time actually passing.

Present, recent.2.Something that flows; eg: electric current.

Dog—————–1.A domesticated canid 2.To shirk one’s

responsibility. 3.A despicable person.

Fan—————–1.An apparatus with rotating blades that

creates a current of air for cooling.2. An enthusiastic devotee,

follower or admirer of a celebrity.

Fine————-1.Best quality. 2.A some of money imposed

as a penalty for an offense.

Fire————-1.A state of combustion in which fuel is ignited.

2.To shoot. 3. To inspire.

Free————-1.Enjoy personal  rights or liberty.2.Available

at no cost.

Fly————–1. To float in air. 2.Flying insects.

Fair————–1.Proper under the rules,free from bias.2.Ample

3.Beautiful 4.Gathering of people for a variety of entertainment or

commercial activities.

Frame——————–1.A rigid structure that surrounds

something such as picture/door/windowpane/mirror etc.2.To devise/

compose a plan.

Field———————1.A piece of land used for pasture/ tillage.

2.A piece of ground devoted to sports/contests.3. A particular branch of


Grill——————–1.A grating barrier as for a gate of metal.

2.To subject to persistent cross examination/questioning.

Head————-1.Upper part of the body in humans joined

to the trunk  by the neck.2.Leader or chief.

Issue————–1.An important topic/problem for debate

or discussion.2.Supply/distribute an item for use, sale or official

purposes 3.Issue may also mean a person’s lineal descendants.

Kind—————–1.Benevolent nature /disposition.

2. Nature of difference between things.

Light——————1.Luminous/ radiant energy that

makes things visible. 2.Not heavy.

Late——————-1.Deceased or dead. 2.After the

proper time.

Letter—————–1.Written communication addressed

to a person or organisation and usually transmitted by mail.

2.Letters of a language arranged in alphabet.

Lie——————–1.A false statement 2. To rest in

a flat position as on a bed or the ground.Recline.

Lot——————–1. Allotted portion.2.One’s fate or destiny.

Land——————–1.Any part of the earth surface not

covered by a body of water. 2.To hit or strike the  ground from

a height; to arrive in a particular place.

Leave——————1. To quit. 2.It is a day of rest from work.

May——————–1.Expressing possibility.2. Name

of the 5th month of the year containing 31 days.

Numbers—————–1.Group of numerals. 2.In music,

number refers to an individual song.


Net———————-1.Remaining amount after a deduction

such as tax or discount.2.Trap/bag of strong thread or cord designed

to catch fish, birds or other animals.

Note———————-1.A brief record of something

written down to assist the memory.2.Perceive, take notice of.

Nurseryy———————–1.A place where young

plants are raised for sale or for experimental study.2.A place

set apart for young children.

3.Currency or paper notes.

Plant———————1.An herb or seedling. 2. A factory

or workshop.

Place——————–1.Space in general, area or spot.

2.To put in the proper position /order.

Palm———————–1.The part of inner surface of the

hand that extends from the wrist to the bases of the fingers.

2.Palm tree.

Pan————————–1.Shallow container of metal used

in various forms of frying and baking. 2. The leaf of the betel.

Pinch————————1.To squeeze painfully.2. A very

small quantity of  anything.3.To get arrested by the police.

Press———————1. to exert force or pressure. 2.Media that

print news; a printing press.

Patient———————1.A person who is under medical care.

2.Calm; bearing hardship; show endurance.

Run————————1.To move with haste; take to flight.

2.In the sport of cricket, a run is the basic unit of scoring.

Row———————–1.Number of persons/things

arranged in a straight line. 2.A difficult  task or set of

circumstances to confront.3.A noisy dispute or quarrel; commotion.

Sound—————-1.Noise. 2.Cool

Story———————1. Tale 2.A floor or level of a building.

Spirit———————1.An angel or demon 2.Liquor.3. Soul

regarded as separating from the body at death.

Subject——————–1.A branch of knowledge as a course

of study.2.Liable ;prone.3.Person under the domain or rule

of a sovereign /another.

Shoot—————–1.To hit with a missile.2.To grow forth

from the ground as a stem; germinate.

Short—————–1.Not tall.2.Brief in duration. 3.Scanty

4.Knee length trousers.

Trunk—————-1.The main stem of a tree.2 A large

sturdy box or chest. 3 The nose of the elephant.

Tear—————–1.To pull apart by force, rip. 2.The fluid

appearing/ flowing from the eyes as a result of grief.

Tender—————1. Soft. 2.Auction; A formal offer to

supply specified goods/services at a stated cost/rate.

Train—————-1.Teach a particular skill. 2. Railway carriage.

Way——————–1.Manner, method 2. path

Work——————-1.Toil 2. The  output of a writer,

artist or composer.

Wind——————–1.Stream of air as that produced

by fan or natural movement of air.2. to twine, fold, wrap, the

act of winding.

Watch——————-1.Observe. 2. wrist watch.

Well———————1.In a satisfactory manner.

2.A hole drilled into the earth to obtain water/petroleum etc.





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