Lyrebirds are notable for their superb ability to mimic

natural and artificial sounds from their environment.

They can imitate almost any sound from humans to train,

car horns to camera clicks and all the birds of the forest.

They are the most fascinating creatures on the planet

earth.Lyrebird seems to be nature’s poet.They are among

Australia’s best known and most loved birds. There are

two types of Lyrebirds-the Superb Lyrebird and Albert

Lyrebird. They have brown feathers. It is the Superb

Male Lyrebird that gives the family its name with his

spectacular tail of feathers, when spread out in display

looks like a Lyre.(a musical instrument of ancient Greece).

The male bird has a spectacular tail consisting of 16 highly

modified feathers.They are found in Eastern Australia.

They are shy  birds.They are generally poor fliers.

They can move quite fast because of strong legs.

They are ground living birds and eat insects such as

cockroaches, beetles, larvae of moths, centipede, spiders

and earthworms.It is one of the largest perching bird.

Female birds nest in winter laying their solitary eggs in June or

July.She may snuggle her nest in a hollow on a rocky

ledge, in the cavity of a tall stump or among tree roots.

They build a dome-shaped nest of leaves, twigs and

small sticks.





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