List of Words with Multiple Meaning.

Words----------------Meanings Address-------------1.Manner of speaking to person;2.The name of a place where a person or organization is located. Arrest--------------1.Take into custody;2.An act of stopping the progress of. Bank---------------1.The side of a river; 2. An establishment authorised by the government to accept deposit and to lending activities. Bar----------------1.Long, evenly shaped piece of metal or wood used as… Continue reading List of Words with Multiple Meaning.


Some Useful Informations About Banks.

Plastic money--Credit cards, debit cards,ATM cards and international cards are considered plastic money as like money they can enable us to get goods and services. Personal Identification Number(PIN) is a number which an ATM card holder has to key in, before he is authorized to do any banking transaction in ATM. Prime Lending Rate(PLR)-The rate at which… Continue reading Some Useful Informations About Banks.