Do You Know?

1.Coorg is known as Kashmir of South India and

The Scotland of India.

2.Anangpal Tomar II, who lived in mid eleventh century

is thought to have built Lal Kot(literally Red Fort).


4.Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest tower.

5.When India was ruled by the legendary emperor

Bharat, the North Indian subcontinent(included the

modern nations of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India , Nepal,

Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) was referred to as

the Sapt Sindhu, the land of the 7 rivers:Indus, Saraswati,

Yamuna,Ganga, Sarayu,Brahmaputra and Narmada.

6.Ethos is a Greek word meaning character.

7.PURA=Providing Urban facilities in Rural Area.

-A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

8. Siam or Sayam was the earlier name of Thailand.

9.Obachan means aunt in Japanese language.

10.The Biblical Hebrew language is referred to as

Lashon Hakodesh(means the  holy language.)


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