Poems and quotes.

  1. I ask the flickering stars above,
  2. glinting in jet black skies,”who lit you up?”
  3. —————————————-
  4. When I  like the summer grass,
  5. Am parched and dry,
  6. Having almost no life at all,
  7. You fall as rain,
  8. Making me alive again.
  9. The days when I feel,
  10. There are only dark clouds,
  11. Clouds with no silver lining,
  12. You peep from behind,
  13. Beaming like a sun.
  14. Driving away those thoughts unkind,
  15. With the passing time,
  16. Seasons change, colours fade,
  17. But you ever abide,
  18. My chivalrous knight,
  19. Always by my side.
  20. ———————————————————
  21. A Guru can protect a devotee from God’s wrath,
  22. but no God can save an unfortunate man from
  23. the Guru’s wrath.
  24. ——————————————————–
  25. Trust no future however pleasant,
  26. Let the dead past bury its dead,
  27. Act, act in the living present,
  28. Heart within and God o’erhead.
  29. –Long Fellow.
  30. —————————————————————–
  31. When you use religion to divide people.
  32. it’s an act of violence. God wants spiritual fruits; not
  33. religious nuts.


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