Different Names of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka was the first Asian country known to have
a female ruler, Queen Anula who reigned during 47-42 BC.
The modern city of Wariyapola is described as Ravana’s
Sri Lanka means ”resplendent Island” in Sanskrit.
Albaruni, 10th century historian called the island
Europeans referred to Sri Lanka as Zeylan or Seylan
which is derived from Arabic word–Saheelan.
Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon until 1972.
Prince Vijaya, who came from India named Sri Lanka
as Tamraparni because of the reddish colour(copper colour)
emanated from the sand.
Eelam(Toddy and gold) is Tamil name for Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka was also called as Simhala Dweepa.
”Parasamudra” in Kautilya’s work ”Artha Shastra”
was another name for Sri Lanka.
Ptolemy, Greek geographer called the island as Simundu.
He also named it as ”Salike”.
Chinese called the island as ”Pa-Outchow (=island
of gems).
Lakbima is a traditional name of Sri Lanka.
Lak-diva means Island of Lanka.
Tenerism (=isle of delight) is another name of Sri
Tamil name for Sri Lanka is Lianare and ”Ilankai”
Sri Lanka has been described as ”India’s teardrop”
and ”Pearl of the Indian Ocean.”
Lanka simply means an ”island.”
Sri Lanka was widely known as Helambia(=land of the
Hela people)
Arabs referred to it as ”Serendip”.
Ancient Greek geographers called the island as
”Ceilao” was the name given to the island by the
As a British crown colony, the island was known as
Sri Lanka was also called as ”Simhala”(Simha means
lion and Hela means prestine.
”Alengko” is the Javanese name of Sri Lanka.
”Salabha”(=rich island”) and ”Cerantive”(=island
of cera kings”) are the other names of Sri Lanka.
”Lakdiva” also means Island of Lanka.


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