Spiritual Corner.

Everything here is recycled. The earth is 200 million
years old-the Alps, the water, the air.Billions of
people have breathed the same air.All the particles
in your body are old; you are recycled; your thoughts
and emotions are recycled; mind is recycled. You are
a recycled person. Consciousness is recycled. Remind
yourself that everything here is recycled material;
so relax! Everything goes to where it came from.
-Sri Sri Ravishankar.
Wherever I chance to live,
O Mother,in forest or grove,
May my mind, day and night,
dwell at Thy Lotus Feet;
Whether at last, I die a natural
or sudden death,
Oh,may my tongue repeat,
Durga’s name at the end!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Thus, when the breath of
life forsakes me in Thy grip,
Do not deny me the shelter of
Thy Lotus Feet!
From the world’s bondage
free me, O Spouse of
the Absolute!
Thy two feet are my boat
to cross this world’s dark sea.
Thou art the heavens
and the earth,
and Thou the nether world;
–Sri Ramakrishna.

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