Informations about banks in India

Indian banking industry is serving the second
largest populated country in the world with a
total of 87 banks.India has 26 public sector
banks, 20 private banks and 41 foreign banks.
In the Indian economy total of bank deposits
is 70,60,182 crore as per R.B.I. figures.
Annual turnover of banks in India as on 2012-13
is 9,148.59 billion rupees.Although State bank
of India is one of the big 4 banks of India,
along with Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank,
and Bank of India,it’s name is not in the list of
world’s top 20 banks which are listed below:
I.C.B.C, JP Morgan Chase & Co.,Bank of America,
H.S.B.C.Holdings, China Construction Bank Corporation,
Citigroup,Mitsubishi,U.F.J.Financial group, Wells
Fargo & Co., Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China,
B.N.P. Paribas, R.B.S., Credit Agricole, Banco Santader,
Barclays, Sumitomo Mitsul, Financial Group, Goldman Sachs,
Deutsche Bank.
Merger of Banks:
Kotak Mahindra Bank acquires ING Vysya Bank for 15,000
crore rupees in all share deal.ICICI and ICICI Bank
merged in 2001, October 25. Bank of Rajasthan was
merged with ICICI in 2010.Times Bank Ltd was merged
with HDFC Bank Ltd on February 26,2000.Centurion
Bank of Punjab Ltd was merged with HDFC on May 23, 2008.
The merger of United Western Bank with IDBI Ltd came
into effect on October 3, 2006. State Bank of Sourashtra
merged with S.B.I. on 13,August 2008. State Bank of Indore
merged with S.B.I. on 26, August 2010.State Bank of Hyderabad
absorbed The Mercantile Bank of Hyderabad in 1953.

Call Money-money loaned by a bank or other institution,

which is repayable on demand.Unlike a term loan, which

has a set of maturity and payment schedule, call money

does not have to follow a fixed schedule. Call Money rate

is the rate at which short term funds are borrowed and

lent in the money market.

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