One line quotes.

1.If you have an hour to spare, don't spend it with someone who hasn't. 2.Those who love deeply, never grow old; they die of years but they die young. 3.Cheerfulness maintained in adversity is best form of courage. 4.To be spiritual is not to reject reason but go beyond it. 5.When we have not what… Continue reading One line quotes.


Pronunciation same, but spellings differ.

Ass---------As. Bean-------Been. Berth------Birth. Cot---------Caught. Cob---------Kob. Buy---------Bye. Bare---------Bear. Cart----------Kart. Clause-------Claws. Come--------Cum. Cook---------Kook(powdered Gypsum). Cede---------Seed. Cell-----------Sell. Coat--------Quote. Decent-------Descent. Dye-----------Die. Earn----------Urn. Eco-----------Echo. Hear---------Here. Heard-------Herd. I--------------Eye. Know-------No. Knead-----Need. Lean--------Lien. Loud------Loved. Mite--------Might. One---------Won. Peace--------Piece. Pray---------Prey. Role----------Roll. Rise----------Rice. Read---------Reed. Root---------Route. Rights-------Rites. Sour----------Sore. Story------Storey. Sea--------See. Sun--------Son. Soul-------Sole. Sight-----Site. Two---------To. Threw------Throe(violent pang). Vest---------West. Vine----------Wine. Waist------Waste. Where------Wear. Wood-------Would. Wheel------Veil. While------Vile. Wolf------Woof. Collections by Vani… Continue reading Pronunciation same, but spellings differ.