Important Events of October.

October is International School Library Month and

Vision Awareness month.

October 1

October has derived it’s name from  Latin word ”octo”

which means eight.

The International Day of Older Persons is observed on

October 1st each year.National Senior Citizens Day is

observed in U.S. on August 21 and on 23 April in India.

International  day of the doctors on the first Monday of


World Vegetarian Day.

International Coffee Day.

Anniversary of  the founding of the People’s Republic

of China.(1949)

Independence Day in the Republic of Cyprus.

Independence day in Nigeria.(1960)

Shivaji Ganeshan(B:October 1,1928;D:July 21, 2001)

was an actor in Tamil cinema.

World Smile Day is celebrated on 1st Friday in the

month of October.

World Habitat Day is observed on first Monday of October.

World Sight Day is held on the second Thursday of

October.It is an annual day of awareness about blindness

and vision impairment.

National Voluntary Blood Donation Day.

Cyprus  Independence Day.(1960)

International  music day  was initiated on October 1, 1975

by Lord Yehudi Menuhin.

S.D.Burman(B:October 1,1906 D:31 October,1975)was

music director and singer.

Anni Besant (B:1, October,1847;D:20 September 1933)

was a prominent British socialist, theosophist, women’s

rights activist, writer, orator and supporter of Irish and

Indian self-rule.

Jimmy Carter(B:1, October 1924) is an American politician

and member of the Democratic Party, who served as the 39th

President of U.S. from 1977 to 1981. He was awarded Nobel

Peace Prize(2002).

World Sake Day.

Liaquat Ali Khan(B:1 October 1895 D:16,October 1951) was

the first Prime Minister of Pakistan and one of the Founding

Fathers of Pakistan.

October is:

National Crime Prevention Month.

National breast cancer awareness month.

National liver cancer awareness month.

National celiac disease awareness month.

Spina Bifida(=split spine)  awareness month.

Miscarriage awareness month.

Lupus awareness month.

Healthy lungs month.

Energy  awareness month.

AIDS  awareness month.

Pitbull  awareness month

Disability awareness month.

Bullying  awareness month.

Domestic abuse awareness month.

Rett  syndrome awareness month.

Down syndrome awareness month.

National campaign for healthier babies month.

National physical therapy month.

National physical therapy month.

National spinal health month.

National  psoriasis month.

National AIDS awareness month.

National dental hygiene month.

National disability employment awareness month.

Celiac sprue awareness month.SIDS(sudden infant

death syndrome) awareness month.

National domestic violence awareness month.

Eye injury prevention month.

National medical librarians month.

Talk about prescription month.

Hunger awareness month.

Dwarfism/Little People Awareness month.

L.G.B.T. History  Month.(U.S.)

National Arts and Humanities month.(U.S.)

National cyber security awareness month(U.S.)

National adopt a shelter dog month.(U.S.)


First week of October is Children’s Book Week.

October 1 to 7-National sarcoidosis awareness week.

2 to 8-Wildlife conservation week.

3 to 9-National fire prevention week.

3 to 10-Hearing aid awareness week.

4 to 8-Drive slowly to work week.

4 to 10- Mental health awareness week(w.e.f.1992)

4 to 10 -World Space Week.

October 5 to 11 Mental Illness Awareness Week.

October 7 to 13 National fire prevention week.(U.S. and Canada)

October 7 to 16 International week  of prayer and fasting

October 9 to 15-National postal week.

11 to 15-National school lunch week.

12 to 20-Bone and joint decade national action week.

18 to 24–National drug-free work week.

23 to 31–Red ribbon week.(drug free America)

24 to 30-Respiratory care week.

–do—-Pastoral care week.

–do–Disarmament Week.

25 to 31–International Epidermolysis Bullosa  Awareness Week.

Third full week  in October-Free speech week in U.S.

Third Sunday of October is Mother’s Day.

October 2.

Wildlife week is observed from October 2 to 8 since 1952,

when Government of India established an Indian Board

of  Wildlife, with a view to preserve the fauna of India,

particularly to prevent extinction of  any species.

October 2:

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhiji(B:2,October 1869

D:30, January 1948) was the prominent leader of Indian

independence movement in British ruled India. He was born

in Porbandar, Gujarat.He studied law in U.K. and practiced in

South Africa. He left his profession and returned to India to

lead the freedom struggle. Gandhiji was a preacher of truth and

non-violence. He is revered as the Father of the Nation.

Lal Bahadur Shastri(B:2,October, 1904 D:11 January 1966) was

the second Prime Minister of Republic of India.

October 2 is observed as Inter national Day of  Non -Violence.

World farm animals day.

World Cerebral  Palsy Day.

October 3 is German  unity day.

The Republic of Iraq got its independence from British

Colonial rule on October 3,1932.

World temperance day.

Barry Language Day.

World Nature Day.

First Friday of October is observed as World Smile Day.

Yom Kippur, 2014 is observed on October 3 and 4 .It’s central

themes are atonement and repentance. This day takes place

on the 10th day of Tishrei, the first month of  the civil year and

the 7th month of  the ecclesiastical year in the Hebrew calendar.

The day is believed to be the anniversary of the creation of

Adam and Eve.

National boyfriend day.

October 4 , World Animal Day, which  is an international day

of action  for animal rights and welfare, is observed on the

feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of  animals.

It started in 1931 at a convention of ecologists in Florence, Italy,

who wished to enlight the plight of endangered species. The

chosen theme for  the year was-”Shelter is My Right”.

The Russians placed the first satellite Sputnik in orbit around

the Earth on October 4, 1957.

October 4 is birthday of M.C.Modi(1916) who  was an ophthalmologist,

doctor of sightless; selfless and devoted, a cataract king; he introduced

mobile eye camps, conducted 7 lakh surgeries in a career spanning

5 decades.

Electronic waste awareness day,w.e.f.2008.

Golf Lovers Day.

October 5-Kate Winslet(B:1975)  is a Hollywood actress.

Proclamation of  Portugese Republic.

International teachers’ day.

International day of no prostitution .

Steve Jobs(B:24 February, 1955 D:5,October 2011) was an American

entrepreneur, marketer and inventor who was the co-founder,

chairman and C.E.O. of Apple Inc.

National Do Something Nice Day.

October -6

National child health day is observed on first Monday of October.

World habitat day is observed on first Monday of October.

World Architecture day is observed on first Monday of October.

President Ronald Reagan  proclaimed October 6 , 1987

as German American Day.

Armed forces day is celebrated in Egypt on 6th October,

the date on which the October  war 1973 began  with the

Egyptian army’s successful crossing of the  Suez canal

that culminated in the capture of the Bar Lev Line.

Le Corbusier (B:October 6,1887;D:August 27,1965) was

a Swiss-French architect and designer who designed

Chandigarh,Berlin,Bogota and Barcelona.

Begum Akhtar (B:7, October 1914 D:30October 1974) was

a well known  Indian singer of Gazals.

Desmond Tutu(B:7 October 1931) is a South African social

rights activist and Anglican Bishop, who rose to worldwide

fame during the 1980’s as an opponent of apartheid.

Chandigarh became the capital city of Punjab on October 7, 1953.

Independence day in Croatia is observed on October 8.

International walk to school day is observed on 8th October.

Second Wednesday of October is observed as International

Day for Natural Disaster Reduction.

Vladimir Putin(B:7 October 1952) is the President of Russia.

Air Force Day in India is celebrated on 8 of October .It was

officially started since 1932.

Munshi Premchand(B:31 July 1880 D:8 October 1936)was an

Indian writer, famous for his modern Hindustani literature.

October 9-Leif  Erikson day. He is believed to be the first

Viking explorer to have visited North America.

World Sight Day is observed on second Thursday of October.

World Post Day commemorates the establishment  of universal

postal union in Bern, Switzerland in 1874.

National depression screening day.

National Day of Uganda.

October 10-World mental health day.It was first observed  in 1992

at the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health.

Dr. Kota Shivaram Karanth(B:10,October 1902 D:9, December 1997)

was a Kannada writer, social activist,environmentalist, Yakshagana

artist,film maker and thinker.

Rekha(B:October 10, 1954) is an Indian Bollywood actress.

Second Friday of October is  the world egg day.

International day against death penalty.

Christopher Reeve(B:25, September 1952 D:10,October, 2004)

was an American actor,film director,producer, screen writer,

author and activist. He achieved stardom  for his acting

achievements, in particular, his motion picture portrayal of

the comic book super hero, ”Superman”.

October 10–World Homeless Day.

Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act, 10 October,2006

prohibited employing of children below 14 years as domestic help.

Amitabh Bachchan(B:October 11, 1942) is the  Bollywood

super star of the century. Amitabh Bachchan, a living legend in

his life time, has withstood many a dramatic crisis and come out tops.

Eleanor Roosevelt(B: October 11,1884 D:7,November 1962)

was an American politician and longest serving First Lady of

the U.S.during her husband President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s

4 terms in office(March 1933 to April 1945)

National coming out day.

Jayaprakash Narayan,(B:11, October 1902 D:October 8,1979)

was an independence activist, social reformer and political leader.

He was awarded ”Bharat Ratna”(1999) in recognition of his social

work and Ramon Magsaysay award for public service in 1965.

International Day  of the girl child.

Second Saturday of October -International Migratory Bird Day.

October-12 is Free thought day.

National day of Spain.

World Arthritis Day  was established in 1996 by Arthritis and

Rheumatism International(A.R.I )and is celebrated on October 12

each year.

Dr, Ram Manohar Lohia(B:23 March 1910 D:12 October 1967)

was a freedom fighter . He helped lay the foundation of  Congress

Socialist Party.

National Farmers Day was once called Old Farmers Day.

October 13-Metastatic breast cancer awareness day.

Columbus day.

Nirupa Roy,(B:4,January 1931 D:13 October 2004) was a

Bollywood actress, mostly known for  portraying character roles

of the Indian mothers.

Thanksgiving day in Canada is celebrated on second Monday of


Health and sports day(Japan)is celebrated on second Monday

of October.

Sister Nivedita(B:October 28, 1867 D:October 13, 1911) was born

at Tyrone, Ireland.Born Margaret Elizabeth Noble was a Scots-Irish

social worker, author, teacher and a disciple of  Swami Vivekananda,

who gave her the name, ”Nivedita”.

Margaret Thatcher(B:13 October 1925 D:8 April 2013) was the first

woman Prime Minister of Britain.

Kishore Kumar Ganguly(B:4 August 1929 D:13 October 1987) was a

playback singer, actor,producer,director,screenplay writer and script writer.

Junior Chamber International was founded in St. Louis on October 13

in 1915 by Henry Giessenbier.

U.S.Navy’s official birthday-October 13, 1775.

Ashok Kumar(B:13 October 1911;D:10 December 2001) was

an Indian film actor.

13 October is International  Day for Disaster Risk Reduction since 1989.

Lokesh (B:19,May 1947 D:14,October 2004) was an Indian stage

actor turned film actor, who appeared in Kannada feature films.

14 October-World Standard Day, w.e.f 1970. Standardization to

global economy help  businesses and protect consumers.

Jalal-ud-din Mohammed Akbar (B:15 October 1542 D:27 October

1605)was the third  Mughal emperor after Babar  and Humayun.

B.V.Ramamurthy (B:14 October 1933 D:24 March 2004) was

a renowned cartoonist.

Chonira Belliappa Muthamma(B:24 January 1924 D:14 October 2009)

was the first woman to clear Indian Civil Service examinations. She

was the first woman to  join the Indian Foreign Service. She  became

the first Indian woman High Commissioner.She is remembered  for

the successful crusade for gender equality in Indian Civil Services.

October 15-Pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day is


John Kenneth Galbraith(B:15 October 1908 D:29 April 2006)

was an American economist,Public official,diplomat and a leading

proponent of  20th century American liberalism.He was U.S.

ambassador to India(1961 to 1963)

State of  Manipura merged with India on 15, October 1949.

Global Hand Washing Day.

World white cane safety day(guiding the blind day) celebrates

blind and visually impaired people’s achievements, in U.S.

It also reminds people about how the white cane is important

tool in helping blind and visually impaired  live with greater


National Latino aids awareness day.

World  IDIC 15 Awareness Day. IDIC is a rare chromosome

disorder where people have extra genetic material (DNA)

from one of their chromosomes-chromosome 15.

Shirdi Sai Baba attained Maha Samadhi on 15, October 1918.

He was a spiritual master revered by both Hindus and Muslims.

A.P.J.Abdul Kalam (B:15,October 1931;D:July 27,2015)

is an Indian scientist and 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007.

He is known as the ”Missile Man of India”, for his work on the

development of  ballistic missile and launch vehicle technology.

His 79th  birthday was recognized by  U.N. as World Students Day.

Sarah  Ferguson,(Born on 15, October 1959) is  Duchess of York

and former wife of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, the second  son

of  queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

International day of rural women.

October 16-World food day is celebrated on October 16 in honor of

the date of founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of

United Nations in 1945.Thousands of Christians  across

Canada will join together in a day of fasting for change.

The change they are seeking, is a greater balance in a world,

where over 800 million people are living with hunger.

This year the  theme for ”World Food Day ”is, ”Sustainable

Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition”.

World Spine day -Every year on October 16, people from

around the world join together to raise awareness about

spinal health, and as a part of the Bone and Joint Decade

Action Week. The theme for 2014  is ”Straighten Up and Move”

focusing on the importance of proper posture and movements

in maintaining good spinal health.

Hema Malini(B:16,October 1948), the dream girl of yester years

of  Bollywood. She is an Indian actress, director, producer,

Bharatnatyam dancer,choreographer and member of Rajya Sabha,

the Upper House of Parliament during 2003 to 2009.

National Boss Day.

World Allergy Awareness Day-October 16.

Viceroy Lord Curzon devided Bengal on October 16, 1905.

October 17-International day for the eradication of poverty. The

theme for the year 2014 is:Leave no one  behind.Think, Decide

and Act Together Against Extreme Poverty.

World Trauma Day.Trauma claims nearly 4,00,000 lives

in India each year. The deaths and disabilities can be prevented,

if proper training is imparted to the common man, how to handle

emergency care in accident cases.

National Mammography Day.

Smitha Patil (B:17 October 1955 D:13, December 1986)  was an

Indian actress of films, television and theatre.

Simi Garewal(born on 17, October, 1947) is an Indian actress.

Rita Hayworth(B:17 October 1918 D:14, May 1987) known as

The Love Goddess was a shy Spanish dancer and a legendary

Hollywood actress.

National Pasta Day.

October 17, 1919 was observed as Khilafat Day in India. It was

essentially a movement to express Muslim support for

the Caliph of Turkey against the allied powers, particularly


British Broadcasting Company (B B C) was formed on

October 18, 1922.

Subrahmanyam Chandrashekhar(B:October 19, 1910 D:21

August 1995) is best known for his celebrated discovery of

Chandrashekhar Limit.  This theory of stellar structure and

evolution says that, a star whose mass is greater than 1.44

times the mass of the Sun, will not form a white dwarf but

collapse into a neutron star or black hole.He was one of the

greatest scientist of the 20th century who became a legend

in his life time.He was awarded Nobel Prize in physics in 1983,

jointly with the nuclear astro physicist, W.A.Fowler.

October 18-Martina Navratilova(B:October 18,1956) is Czech

and American tennis player and coach.

Alaska day..

World Vasectomy  Day -October 17

Anil Kumble(B:17 October 1970) is a former international cricketer

and Captain of Indian cricket team.

17, October, 1919 was observed as Khilafat Day in India.

Sandalwood dacoit Veerappan  was shot dead on October 18,2004

by Tamil Nadu Special Task Force in the Hogenakal forest area in

Dharmapuri district.

Om Puri(B:18 October 1950) was a Bollywood and British actor.

October 19-Constitution day in Niue.

Sunny Deol(B:19 October 1956)was a Bollywood actor.

World values day.

The first Indian made M I G-21 was delivered to the I A F on

19 October 1970.

October 20-World Osteoporosis Day.

World Statistics Day.

International Day  of the Air Traffic Controller.

Virender Sehwag(Born on 20, October, 1978) is an Indian cricketer.

Syndicate Bank was founded on October 20, 1925 in temple town

Udupi, the abode of Lord Krishna in coastal Karnataka. by

3 visionaries-Sri Upendra Anantha Pai, a businessman, Shri

Vaman Kudva, an engineer and Dr, T.M.A.Pai physician.

Bahais around the world celebrate the Birth of the Bab on

October 20.Referred to as Herald, it was the Bab’s mission to

prepare the way for Baha’u’llah, the founder of the faith.

Bahai’s view the Bab as manifestation of God along with Baha’u’llah.

Muammar Gaddafi (B:7 June 1942 D:20 October  2011)was a Libyan

revolutionary, politician and the de facto ruler of Libya for nearly 42 years.

October 21-Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders Prevention Day.

Martin Gardner(B:October 21, 1914 D:22,May 2010) was an

American popular mathematician  and popular science writer

with interest also in compassing micro magic, scientific

skepticism, philosophy, religion and literature.Gardner was

best known for creating and sustaining general interest in

recreational  mathematics.

History of National Police Day traces back to 21st October 1959.

Police Martyrs day is observed on 21 October to commemorate the

sacrifice of police personnel who lost their lives on duty.

Shammi Kapur(B:21,October 1931 D:14 August 2011) was a

Bollywood actor.

Helen(B:21 October 1939) is a Burmese born Indian film actress

and dancer.

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee founded the Bharatiya Janasangha

on 21 October, 1951 in Delhi.

October 22-International stuttering awareness day.

Caps lock day campaigns for the removal of  the caps lock button

from the standard QWERTY keyboards due to people  accidentally

pressing the button.

National mammography day.

National Nut Day.

October 23-Mole Day. It commemorates Avogadros number

(6.02 X 10^23) which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry.

Mahaveera attained Nirvana on Diwali new moon day on

October 15, 527 B.C.E.(October 23, 2014). Mahaveera Shaka(era)

begins from this day.

Vijaya Bank was established by Shri Attavar Balakrishna shetty

at Bunts Hostel in Mangalore on October 23, 1931. Since it was

established on Vijaya Dashami day, it was named Vijaya Bank.

The objective was to promote banking habits, thrift and

entrepreneurship among the farming community of Dakshina

Kannada district in Karnataka state.

Pele,Brazilian footballer(born on 23, October,1940)is widely

regarded to be the greatest football player of all  times.

Chennamma,Queen of  Kittur (B:23 October 1778 D:21 February 1829)

was best known  for leading an armed rebellion against the British

East India Company in 1824)

It was on October 24, 1968 that Veerendra Heggade was anointed

as the 21st Dharmadhi kari of Dharmasthala.

October 24-United Nations day. United Nations is

born on October 24, 1945. U.N.General Assembly decided to

institute a World Development Information Day,coinciding with

U.N.’s Day on October 24.

Death anniversary of Kolluru Mallappa, (B:1905 D:24 October 2004)

who was  popularly known as ”Hyderabad Karnataka Gandhi”

The beginning of October Revolution of 1917 in Russia.

World Polio Day.

World Tripe Day.

Zambia became independent  of United Kingdom  on 24,October 1964.

Name Zambia was derived from Zambezi river(=god’s river).

Rosa Parks (B:4,February, 1913 D:24 October,2005) was an African

American civil rights activist, whom the United State Congress called

”the first lady of  civil rights” and ”the mother of  the freedom movement”.

Her birthday is observed as Rosa Parks Day.

Captain Lakshmi Sahgal(B:24 October 1914 D:23 July 2012) was a

revolutionary of the Indian independence movement, an officer of the

Indian National Army and the Minister of Women’s Affairs in the

Azad Hind Government. She is commonly referred to in India  as

”Captain Lakshmi”, a reference to her rank, when taken prisoner

in Burma during II World War.

Azad Kashmir day (24, October 1947) is celebrated in Pakistan

occupied Kashmir, which is a self governing administrative

territory of Pakistan.

Third Tuesday in October is National Pharmacy Technician Day.

October 25-Day of the Romanian Army.

International Husbands Day is observed on 25 October.

October 26-National day of Austria.

Raveena Tandon(Born on 26 October 1974 ) is an actress and

former Model.

S.Bangarappa(B:26 October 1932 D:26 December 2011) was

a politician and chief minister of Karnataka from 1990 to 1992.

Saint Namadev of Maharashtra(B:26 October 1270 D:3 July 1350)

was a prominent religious poet of Maharashtra. He wrote in

Marathi language.

Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre(B:31 January 1896 D:26

October 1981) was a Kannada poet.

26 October, 1905-Norway won its independence from Sweden.

October 27-Lung health day.

Celiac disease awareness day.

Independence day in St,Vincent and the Grenadines.

Independence day in Turkmenistan.

Navy day is observed in U.S.A. on October 27, in

memory of birthday of President Theodore Roosevelt.

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage.

Theodore Roosevelt(B:27 October 1858 D:6 January 1919) was

an  American author,politician, naturalist, soldier, explorer

and historian who served as the 26th President of U.S.

Irfan Khan Pathan (B:27 October 1984) was an Indian cricketer.

Pooja Batra(B:27 October 1973) is an actress and was crowned

Femina Miss India International in 1993.

K.R.Narayanan(B:27 October, 1920 D:9 November 2005) was the

10th President of India.(25 July 1997 to 25 July 2002)

National Tell a Story Day in Scotland and England.

Labor day in NewZealand.

Valmiki Jayanthi(birth anniversary) is observed on Ashwin

Poornima(October 27) as per Hindu lunar calendar.

National Black Cat Day-27 October.

Philadelphia was founded on 27 October 1682 by an Englishman

William Penn.

Uzbekistan was one of the republics of the Soviet Union.

It was created on 27 October 1924.

Mobutu, the President  of the democratic republic of Congo

changed the country’s name to Zaire on 27 October 1977.

October 28-Sister Nivedita was born in Ireland.  She was a

Scot-Irish social worker, author, teacher and disciple of Swami

Vivekananda.Born Margaret Elizabeth Noble(B:28 October 1867

D:13 October 1911),she was given the name Nivedita by

Swami Vivekananda.

October 28-Ochi Day(No Day) and Flag Day in Greece.

International Animation Day.

Julia Roberts(B:28 October 1967) is an American actress.

Bill Gates(B:28 October, 1955) was a philanthropist, investor,

inventor, computer programmer and an American business


Professor Max Muller(B:6 December 1823 D:28 October 1900)

was a German born philologist and orientalist  writer and

scholar.Some of his notable works are- The Sacred Books of

The East, A History of  Ancient  Sanskrit Literature and

Introduction to the Science of Religion.

National Chocolate Day in U.S.A.

Czechoslovakia declared it’s independence from the

Austro-Hungarian Empire on October 28, 1918.

Harvard University was founded in Cambridge on

October 28,1636.

The Statue of Liberty monument was given to U.S.A.

from France on October 28,1886. The copper statue

designed by Auguste Bartholdi, a French sculpture,

was built by  Gustave Eiffel.

October 29-International internet day.

Republic day in Turkey.

World psoriasis day.

World Stroke Day–50 percent of strokes occur due to diabetes,

high blood  pressure and obesity.

National Cat Day in U.S.A.

The International Committee of the Red Cross was founded on

29 October 1863 by Henry Dunant.

October 30.National economy or thrift day is observed in India.

World Psoriasis Day.

Death anniversary  (30 October,1974) of Begum Akhtar, queen

of  Gazals.

Diego Maradona(B:30, October, 1960) is an Argentine legendary


John Adams((B:30 October 1735 D:4 July 1826) was the second

President of U.S.

Homi Jahangir   Bhabha(B:30 October 1909 D:24 January 1966)

was an Indian nuclear physicist, chief architect of the Indian atomic

energy programme and founding director and professor of   physics

at the Tata Institute of Fundamental  Research. He was awarded

Padma Bhushan. He played an important role in contribution to

The Quantum Theory.He is considered to be the father of Indian

nuclear programme.

International Orthopaedic Nurses Day is observed annually

on 30th of October .

Karwa Chauth is observed on 4th day of waning moon in Kartik

month(October 30)as per Hindu calendar. Karwa Chauth is

celebrated by the married women of North India.Women

observe fast and pray for long life, well being and prosperity of

their husbands.

October 31-

Magician Harry Howdini died  on October 31,1926.His death

anniversary is celebrated as Magic Day, the first of which took

place in 1927

Birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai  Patel (B:31 October

1875 D:15 December 1950)is observed as National Unity Day.

He did an unparalleled task of uniting  India annexing 562

states to Union Republic of India.

Indira G andhi, the P.M. of India was assassinated on 31st

October, 1984.Her death anniversary is observed as Rashtriya

Sankalp Diwas.

National Unity Day.

John Keats(B:31,October 1795 D:23,February 1821) was an

English Romantic poet.

Nevada day.

Reformation day in  Slovenia.

World Halloween Day.The festival is celebrated  to mark the

resurrection of the departed souls, who come to be amongst

their loved ones.

Halloween, representing the souls of  the dead is also called

All Saints Eve.

World Thrift Day is observed throughout the world  on October 31.

The first National Thrift day was observed in U.S. in 1921.

Samhain is celebrated  from sunset on 31 October to sunset

on I,November.It is a Gaelic festival marking the end of

harvest season and the beginning of winter or the ”darker

half”’ of the year.

Amrita Pritam (B:31 August 1919 D:31 October 2005) was

an Indian writer and poet who wrote in Punjabi and Hindi.

She was awarded Jnanapitha Award, Padma award and more.

Madhvacharya(B:1238-D:1317)was a Hindu philosopher and

the chief proponent of the Dvaita school of Vedanta.He is

also known as Ananda Tirtha and Purna Prajna.He was born

on Ashwina Shukla Paksha Dashami and his punya tithi is

observed on Magha Shukla Navami as per Hindu calendar.

Buddha Jayanthi is also observed on Vijaya Dashami day.

Mahaaveera , the 24th and last Tirthankara was born on

Chaitra Shukla Trayodashi in 599 BCE. He attained nirvana

in 527 BCE  on Ashweeja krishna amavasye(Diwali festival)

Jains celebrate Nirvaana of Mahaaveera on Deepaavali new moon day.


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