Do You Know?

The word ”Bharat” literally means:”Bha” for ”Bhava”(=emotion)

”ra” for ”raga”(=musical note) and ”ta” for ”tala” (beating of

musical instruments)–the fundamentals of music and dance. These

arts evolved phenomenally in this land, i.e. Bharata. A few thousand

years ago when  the rest of the world was striving and struggling in

nomadic groups for survival, India saw the heights of music,

mathematics,  astronomy and scientific development. This is a land

of an estimated 33 to 330 million gods and goddesses.

2.Durga means ”invincible” in Sanskrit.

3.The word ”Homes” helps to recall the names of the Great Lakes:

Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior.

4.Astronauts grow up to  three inches(76 m.m.) taller  in the

weightlessness of outer space.

5.Astro fact- every object that is  not chilled to absolute zero,

radiates infrared light.

6.Rockets must travel at least 25,000 miles an hour (40,000 KM/H)

to escape earth’s gravity.

7.Winter lasts for 21 Earth years on Uranus.

8.People report the most U.F.O. sightings when Venus is closest to Earth.

9.Venus has no moons and neither does mercury.

10.Mars has two small moons-Phobos and Deimos-whose names mean

”Fear” and ”Panic”.

11.Earth is the only planet  in the solar system, where water can exist

as a liquid, solid and gas.

12.Some scientists believe that gold is created when two neutron stars collide.

13.In 1945, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke published the idea of using

satellites for high-speed global communication.

14.Spotted in 1801, Ceres was the first asteroid to be discovered.

15.Days are  longer than years on the planet Mercury.


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