Important Events of June.

June is anti Maleria month.

June is the month named after Juno, the wife of Jupiter.

First Sunday of June is celebrated as World Heritage Day

in Germany.

National Cancer Survivors Day is celebrated on first Sunday in June.
Third Sunday of June is celebrated as fathers day.

Third Friday in June is celebrated as ”The Flip-Flop Day”.

Connecticut Open House Day is observed on second Saturday

of  June.
1.Global day of parents.
World milk day.
International children’s defence day.
”Thanks God!It’s Monday” Day.

Nargis Dutt(B:1, June 1929;D:3 May 1981) was an Indian

film actress.

Child Safety Week-1st June to 7 June.
2.Death anniversary of Raj Kapoor(1988)
also known as ”The Showman”.He was a noted
Indian film actor, producer and director of
Hindi cinema.
Death anniversary of Dom Moraes(2004). He was
an Indian writer and poet who wrote in English
State Bank of India’s origin-founded on June 2,
as Bank of Calcutta. It became the Imperial Bank
of India in 27 January,1921,which was transformed
into State Bank of India under the Act of Parliament
on July 1st,1955.In 1985,S.B.I.acquired the Bank of
Cochin in Kerala.
The 29th State of Telangana was officially formed on
June 2, 2014.
”Leave the office earlier” day.
”Festival of Republic” is a national holiday in Italy.

Italy became republic on June 2, 1946.

Marconi, an Italian inventor got patent for his radio,

on June 2,1896.

Boxer  Muhammad Ali(B:January 17, 1942;D:June 3, 2016)

was a boxing legend.

G.Sankara Kurup(B:3 June 1901;D:2 February 1978) was a

Malayali poet and first winner of the Jnanapitha Award.

June 3-World Bicycle Day.

4.Birthday of S.P.Bala subrahmanyam(1946). He is a
playback singer.
International prevention of child abuse day.
Birthday of Anil Ambani(1959)
Tailors Day.
Monica Elizabeth(B:1923 June 4;D:13 February 2007)
was an English born novelist and professor of
creative writing.

Allan Octavian Hume(B:1829 June 4;D:1912, 31 July)

founded Indian National Congress on 28 December 1885.

International day of innocent children, victims of aggression.
5. World Environment Day.
Anti Fileria Day.
Death anniversary of Ronald Reagon(2004), the 40th
President of America. He was also an actor.
6.Birthday of Sunil Dutt actor(Born:6 June 1929;D:25 May 2005).

He was an Indian actor.
Birthday of Masti Venkatesh Iyengar(B:6 June1891 D:6 June 1986)

He was a well known writer in Kannada.He was the fourth

among the Kannada writers to be honored with Jnanapith Award.
70th Anniversary of D.Day and the battle of
Normandy(France).That day in 1944,the allied
forces(France,England and U.S.)landed at Normandy
to make the final assault on occupied Europe
and free it from Nazi yoke.
Death anniversary of Devaraje Urs(B:20 August 1915
D:June 6, 1982).He was an Indian politician, who
served 2 terms(1972-77;1978-80) as the 8th chief
minister of Karnataka.He was the voice of the poor
and stood up for the cause of down trodden in society.

American Henry W Seeley invented ”electric flat iron”

and patented on June 6, 1882.

Christopher Lee(B:27 May 1922;D:7 June,2015)was
an English actor, singer and author.

Lions Clubs International was founded by Melvin

Jones(B:January 13, 1879; D:June 1st, 1961) on June 7, 1917

in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

World Food Safety Day.
8.World Oceans Day.
Birth anniversary of Sediyapu Krishna Bhat(1949)
He was a Kannada and Sanskrit scholar and

Kayyara Kinhanna Rai(B:8 June 1915;D:9 August 2015)

was a Kannada author and poet.

World Brain Tumour Day since 2000.

National Best Friends Day.

Shilpa Shetty(B:June 8, 1975) is film actress.

World Oceans Day.
9.Birthday of Amisha Patel(1976).She is an Indian
Disney legend Donald Duck turns 80.He first appeared
in an animated cartoon in 1934.

Natalie Portman(B:June 9, 1981)is an Israel born American

Kiran Bedi(B:9 June1949) is the first woman to join the

Indian Police Service.

Charles Graham receives patent for false teeth on 9 June 1822.

10.Death anniversary of Ray Charles known as”Father
of soul music”(2004)He was one of America’s most beloved
Birthday of Subrata Roy(1948), the Sahara group chairman.
Birthday of Prince Philip(1921), husband of Queen Elizabeth II,
and Duke of Edinburgh.
Iced Tea Day.

International Eyes Donation Day.

World Blind Day.

Girish Karnad(B:19 May 1938;D:10 June 2019) was a film actor,

film director and writer.
11.Birthday of Lalu Prasad Yadav(1948)He is an (ex) chief
minister of Bihar.
12.World day against child labour.
FIFA world cup 2014 began on 12 June, 2014 at Sao Paulo in
Brazil and concluded on July 13. Germany won the tournament.
Red rose day. It honors the flower, that is a symbol
of love and romance, the red rose.
Nek Chand Saini(B:5 December 1924;D:12 June 2025) was a self
taught Indian artist, known for building the Rock Garden
of Chandigarh.

Commonwealth Franchise Act was enacted on 12 June, 1902

in Australia which granted right to vote and stand for election

for the Australian parliament to women on the same basis as men.

New Zealand  granted woman the right to vote in 1893. In U.K.

women did not get equal voting rights with men until 1928.
13.Birthday of William Austin Burt(1792).He was an American
inventor of Typhographer, the first typewriter.

Saint Anthony of Padua(1195-13 June 1231) was a Portugese

Catholic priest. He is the patron saint of finding things and

lost people.
14. World blood donors day.The focus of this year’s World
Donors Day is”safe blood for saving mothers.”The World
Health Organization declared the 14th of June as the
Blood Donors Day to commemorate the birth of Karl
Landsteiner,(B:June 14, 1868;D:June 26, 1943)
who created the modern system of classification of
blood groups and also discovered Rh factor and poliovirus.
He was an Austrian biologist and physician.He was awarded
Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine on 1930.

Flag day is observed in U.S.A. on June 14.

Kengal Hanumanthaiah (B:14 February 1908;D:1 December 1980)

was the second chief minister of Karnataka from 30 March 1952

to 19 August 1956.
15 World Elder abuse awareness day.
Father’s Day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June.
Nature Photography day was created by the North American
Nature Photography Association in 2006. it is observed
on June 15 each year.

Magna Carta of Libertatum( in Latin-the Great Charter of

Liberties) was signed by King John of England on 15 June

16.Fresh Veggies Day.

Leap month known as Adika Masa or Purushottama month

started on June 16 and will end on 16th July.This month is

very dear to Lord Krishna.Leap month occurs about every

3 years.

Katharine Graham(B:June 16,1917;D:July 17, 2001) was an

American publisher. She led her family’s newspaper,

”The Washington Post” for more than two decades.

Her memoir, ”Personal History” won the Pulitzer Prize

in 1998.
17. World day to combat desertification and drought.
National Eat Your Vegetables Day.
18 Autistic Pride day.
International picnic day.

Egypt became republic on 18 June, 1953.
19. Birthday of Rahul Gandhi(1970), son of Sonia Gandhi.

He is the Vice President of National Congress Party.
Flip-Flop Day-to express love to this wonderful kind of
shoes, people celebrate National Flip- Flop day across
America on June 19th every year.

Bal Thackeray was an Indian politician who founded

Shiv Sena on 19, June 1966.

Kuwait’s independence from Britain-June 19, 1961.

World Sickle Cell Day.
20. World Refuge day.
Salim ALI(Born-12 November1896;Died-20 June 1987). He
conducted the systematic bird surveys across India and
his bird books helped develop ornithology.

Wikipedia, one of the Internet’s most-used websites

was founded by  Jimmy Wales, Michael Davis and Tim Shell

in St. Petersburg on June 20,2003.
21.World music day was conceived  and launched by Jack

Lang, the French Minister of Culture in 1982.
international Day of Yoga.
Birthday of Benazir Bhutto(1953), ex-P.M.of Pakistan.
Manjil Rudbar is an important city in Gilan province,
in Iran.The worst earthquake, measuring 7.7 on Richter
scale, hit the city on 1990. More than 50,ooo people
were killed and 1,35,ooo people were injured and 4,00,000
were left homeless.
June 21 is the longest day of the year in the northern
hemisphere because it is the summer solstice which describes
the tilt of the Earth’s axis.

International T-shirt Day.
23.U.N.Public Service Day.
International widows day.
Air India flight Kanishka bombing incident, which killed
329 people.
Olympic Day was introduced in 1948 to commemorate the birth
of the modern Olympic Games on 23 June 1894 at the Sorbonne
in Paris.World Olympic Day is celebrated on 23 June each year.

International Olympic Committee was created on 23 June


Hamsalekha (B:23 June, 1951) is an Indian screenplay  writer,

dialogue writer and song writer. He works predominantly

in Kannada film industry.

Sister Nirmala (B:23 July,1934) who succeeded Mother Teresa

as the head of the ”Missionaries of Charity” founded by the

Nobel laureate, passed away on June 23, 2015.
24.World Young Doctors’ Day.
Steffi Graf(B:June 14, 1969) is a German former world
No.1 tennis player.

Celebration of the Senses Day.

World Paralysis Day.

Universal Brotherhood Day is observed by Freemasons on June 24.

Freemasonry is the world’s oldest social service organization

which started in England on June 24, 1717.
25. Day of the seafarer.
Birthday of Karishma Kapur.(1974)
Anniversary of Emergency.The promulgation was issued late
in the night on June 25, 1975 by Indira Gandhi and President
Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad by invoking article 352 of the constitution
up to 21 months, till March 1977.

World vitiligo(leucoderma) day.
26.International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking.
3rd Sunday of June is Fathers’ day.

Pearl S.Buck(B:June 26, 1892;D:March 6,1973) was an American

writer and novelist.She was the first American woman to

win(1938) the Nobel Prize for literature.

U.N.Charter Signing Day-1945, June 26.

27.The  first  A.T.M.(Automatic Teller Machine) was installed in

Enfield, in North London on June 27, 1967.
Birthday of Drake Bill(1986). He is an American actor,
comedian, musician, guitarist, singer and song writer.

Birthday of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya(B:27 June 1838;

D:8 April, 1894):He was a Bengali writer, poet,and jourlalist.

He composed ”Vande Mataram”, the national song of India.

National Sunglasses Day.

World Diabetes Day in India is observed on June 27.

P.T.Usha (B:27 June 1964) is an Indian track and field

athlete from the State of Kerala.

Mysore prince Yaduveer weds Trishika on 27th June,2016.

He is the 27th and present titular Maharaja of Mysore

and head of the former ruling Wadeyar dynasty.

Karnataka Government has announced that Nada Prabhu

Kempegowda Jayanthi will be celebrated on 27th June.

He is the founder of Bangalore.(B:1510 AD;D:1569 AD)

The first nuclear power plant in the world, A P S-1 was

founded on June 27, 1954 at Obninsk, Russia.

28.The five principles of peaceful co-existence known in
India as the Panchsheel Treaty, was signed between China
and India in 1954, June 28.
World anti-diabetic day.
Birthday of P.V.N.Rao(B:28 June 1921;D:23 December 2004)

the 10th P.M.of India.
Treaty of Versailles was signed by Germany and the allied
powers on June 28, 1919 as an end to the first world war.
29.Peter and Paul festival takes place on June 29 every year.

The first iPhone was released on 29 June, 2007.

Kudmul Ranga Rao(B:29 June 1859;D:30 January 1928) was a

social reformer and popularly known as  ”Poor Man’s Lawyer”

He worked for the welfare of the backward class by providing

them education and other basic facilities.

World Seleroderma day.

30.Birthday of Mike Tyson-heavyweight star(1966), a retired
American boxer.

Bharat Ratna awardee Dr.C.N.R.Rao(Chintamani Nagesha

Ramachandra Rao)was born on 30, June, 1934.He is an

Indian chemist who has worked in solid state and structural

chemistry.He is known as ”Mr.Science”.

Social Media Day.

Kabir Jayanthi(birthday) and Purandaradasa jayanthi are

celebrated on the Jyeshta Purnima(full moon day of Jyeshta month)

according to Hindu calendar.

Kuran was revealed in the month of Ramadan(Ramjan)


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