Famous Women.

1.Hansa Jivraj Mehta was the first woman Vice Chancellor

of  S.N.D.T.Women’s University.

2.Dr. Aban Mistry is one of India’s first woman Tabla player.

3.Kishwar Zubin Nasreen is the first Muslim woman head of

Department of Sanskrit at Allahabad Uuniversity.

4.Clara Barton, known as the ”Angel of Battlefield” was an

educator , nurse and founder of the ” American Red Cross”

5.Janet Yellen is an American economist. She is the Chairperson

of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

6.Jayadevi Taayi Ligade is a prominent  woman writer of

Kannada. She was the first President of 48th Kannada

Sahitya Parishattu.(meeting of kannada writers)

7.Mahadevi Verma was an outstanding Hindi poetess

and a freedom fighter. She was a women’s activist and

educationist. She was the Principal  and then vice

Chancellor of  Prayag  Mahila Vidyapeeth, a weman’s

residential college in Allahabad. She is widely regarded

as Modern Meera.

8.Hydna of Scione was an ancient Greek swimmer and diver

given credit for the destruction of the Persian navy around


9.Veronica Mitshelle was the first female President of Chile,

from 2006 to 2010. In December 2013, she was re-elected

as President of Chile, with over 62% of vote and she was the

first  person since 1932 to win the Presidency of her country

twice in competitive elections. She was also the first executive

director of the United Nations Entity for  Gender Equality

and the Empowerment of Women.(U.N.Women.)

10.Caroline Herschel was a German astronomer,

(1750 to 1848).She was the first female scientist

to  discover several comets and nebulae.

11.Julia Tuttle(B:January 22, 1849; D:September 14,

1898)was an American business woman. She was

responsible for and the original owner of the land

upon which Miami, Florida was built.She is called

the ”Mother of Miami” She is the only woman to

found a major American city.



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