Important Events of March.

March is National Nutrition Month , Workplace

Eye Wellness Month,  and Colorectal cancer

awareness month.

March is Women’s History  Month in U.S., U.K.,and Australia.

World Glaucoma week is celebrated every month in march (6 to 12).

World Kidney Day is observed  annually on second Thursday in March.

World No Smoking day is observed on second Wednesday in March.

Happy World Sleep Day is observed on Friday of second full week in March.

Commonwealth Day is the annual celebration held on second Monday in March.

World Day of Prayer is  held annually on first Friday in March, It is an

international christian laywomen’s initiative.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanthi is observed on Gaura Purnima day(Phalguna

shukla purnima day as per Hindu calendar).


1.World Compliment Day.

2.Employees Appreciation Day.

(2 to 9)National Sleep Awareness week.

(2 to 8)National Patient Safety Awareness Week.

3.World Wildlife Day.

World Hearing Day.

4. 75th Death anniversary of Lala Har Dayal(1939).

He was a revolutionary of  the Gadar Movement.

The  1951 Asian Games officially known as the First

Asian Games was a multi-sport event celebrated in

New Delhi from March 4 to 11, 1951. 489 athletes of

11 nations participated.President  Rajendra Prasad

officially opened the ceremony.

5.World Maths Day is observed on first wednesday of


6. World Book Day is celebrated in U.K. on first

Thursday of March. The World Book Day is celebrated

in other countries on 23rd April  as decided by UNESCO

as it was also the death and birth anniversary of  William

Shakespeare, a world famous author.

Birthday(1927) of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He was a Colombian

novelist, short story writer, screen writer and journalist.

He was popularly known as Gabo throughout Latin America.

He died on April 17, 2014.

7.Birth Anniversary(1819) of  Shishunala Sharif . He was

born in Shishuvinahala. He was a saint poet, philosopher

and social reformer from the state of Karnataka.

8.Malaysia  Airlines Flight MH 370 disappeared en route

from Kaula Lumpur to Beijing.

World Kidney Day is observed on the second Thursday in M arch

every  year.

10.All the 9 planets in the solar system and the earth’s moon

appeared  on the same side of the sun on March 10, 1982.
11.Birth centenary of Vijay Hazare(B:March 11, 1915;D:December
18, 2004). He was an Indian cricket player from the State
of Maharashtra.
12. No smoking day is celebrated on the second wednesday
in March.
Aryamba Pattabhi(Born:12 March 1936) is a Kannada writer
and recipient of Kannada Sahitya Academy Award(2001).Her
most famous work in Kannada is ”Tennis”She is sister
of Triveni, a popular novelist.
S.Siddalingaiah was an Indian film director and script
writer in the Kannada film industry.(B:15December 1936;
D:12 March 2015)
William Henry Perkin(B:12 March 1838;D:14 July 1907)
was an English chemist who discovered synthetic dye-mauveine.

13.Digital Learning Day.
Varun Gandhi,son of Maneka Gandhi (B:13 March 1980)was
a politician and member of Lok Sabha, the lower house of
Parliament of India.

15.Alia Bhatt is a  British Indian film actress and singer

(B:15 March 1993).She is the daughter of film maker

Mahesh Bhatt and actress Soni Razdan.

M.K.Indira (B:5 January 1917;D:15 March 1994) was

a well-known Indian novelist.

16.Birthday (1929)of  A.K.Ramanujan, writer.

16 to 22-National poison prevention week.

Hola Mohalla  is a festival celebrated on the day

following the festival  of  Holi. The festival was initiated

by Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Guru. Purpose of

the annual fair is to physically strengthen the Sikh community

by holding military  exercises and mock battles.
Every thing you do is right day.
Measles immunisation day.

17.Birthday(1990) of  Saina Nehwal,Badminton player.

Puneeth Rajkumar(B:17 March 1975)is an Indian film

actor and playback singer who works in Kannada cinema.

Hazarat Ali (B:17 March 599 AD;D:27 January 661 AD) was a

Sufi saint. He was the son-in-law of Islamic  prophet Muhammad.
18.K.N.Tailor,known as ”Rajkumar of tulunadu”was
a Tulu actor and dramatist .(B:0I September, 1939;
D:18 March 2015)
19.Guru Gobind(B:5 July 1595;D:19 March 1644)was the
Sikh Guru.

20.World happiness day.U.N.declared March 20 to be

observed as the International Day of  Happiness.By

designating a special day for happiness, U.N.aims to

focus world attention on the idea that economic growth

must be inclusive equitable and balanced such that it

promotes sustainable development and alleviates


Death (2014) of  Khushwant Singh, an Indian

novelist and journalist.(Born on February 2, 1915)

World Frog Day.

International Francophonie Day.

World Story Telling Day

21. World Poetry Day was declared by UNESCO

in  1999.

Twitter turns 8 today. Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey,

Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass on March 21,2006.

International Colour Day.

Australia’s Harmony Day which celebrates the country’s

cultural diversity. It coincides with the United Nations

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

22.Death (2014)of  Yashwant Chittal,(B:3 August1928;
D:22 March 2014) Kannada fiction writer and recipient of
Academy Award for his work ”Purushottama”.

International Day of  the Seal.

World Water Day.

23. Birthday of  Kiran Majumdar Shaw(1953).She is an Indian

entrepreneur.She is the Chairperson  and Managing Director of

Biocon Limited, a biotechnology company based in Bangalore,

India and the current Chairperson of  I.I.M.-Bangalore.
Near Miss Day.
Lee Kuan Yew(B:September 16,1923;D:March 23, 2015) was the
first Prime Minister of Singapore, governing for 3 decades.
He was the Founding Father of Singapore and architect of the
tiny southeast Asian city-state’s rapid rise from British
tropical outpost to global trade and financial centre.
Emmy Noether(B:March 23,1882;D:April 14,1935) was a German
mathematician known for her contributions to abstract Algebra
and theoretical physics.
24.International day for the right to the truth concerning

Gross Human Rights  violations and for the dignity of victims.

25. International day of  remembrance of the victims of slavery

and the transatlantic slave trade.

Udyavara Madhava Acharya (B:25 March 1941)was an orator,short

story writer, poet, actor and theatre director.

26.Death anniversary(1998) of Shantinath Desai, leading author

of  Modernist movement in Kannada.
National Legal Assistants Day.
Gaura Devi of Uttarakhand started chipko(chipko,
a Hindi word meaning hugging) movement on 26 March 1974.
She along with 27 women and young girls stood in
front of trees that had been marked for felling.

Independence day of Bangla Desh.(1971)
27.Mahaveera was born on 27th March 598 B.C. in Vaishali at

Kund village, He was the son of  Siddhartha and Trishala Devi.

He was the 24th and last Thirthankara of Jainism.He attained

Nirvana at the age of 72 on 15th October,527 B.C.

World Theatre Day since 1962.
28. D.K.Pattammal(B:March 28, 1919;D:16 July 2009) was a
playback singer and Carnatic musician.
K.J.Shetty, Kadandale(B:March 28,1931;D:September 15, 2010)
was awriter, journalist and columnist.
Akshaya Khanna(B:1975)is an Indian actor.

Teresa Of Avila(B:28 March 1515;D:4 October 1582) She was

canonized on 12 March 1622; Feast day-October 15.
29. Birthday of Edwin Lutens(1869). He was a British architect

who is best known for designing and building  a section of the

metropolis of  Delhi known as New Delhi. He was also the main

architect of  India Gate and Viceroy’s House which is now

known as Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Palm Sunday–The Sunday before Easter is called Palm Sunday
because the crowds waved palm branches as they followed
Jesus’s procession into Jerusalem.

March 29, 1857 India’s First War of Independence also called as

Sepoy Mutiny began against the rule of British East India Company.

M.T.Rama Rao in Hyderabad founded Telugu Desham Party in 1982.

Earth hour is held for one hour from 8.30PM to 9PM. Household

and businesses turn off their non-essential lights for one hour.

30.Birthday (1951)of D.Rajendra Babu , Kannada film maker

and screenplay writer.
First commercially successful electronic computer was designed
by J.Presper, Eckert and John Mauchly on 1951.

Venezuela became independent on 30 March 1845.

31.Birthday(1987) of Koneru Hampi.She is an Indian Chess

grand master.She has won  Arjun award in 2003. She held the

record as the youngest woman ever to become a grand master

from 2002 to 2008.
Gangadhar Balakrishna Deshpande(b:31 March, 1871)was a
freedom fighter and known as ”Lion of Karnataka.
Isaac Newton(B:January 4, 1643;D:March 31 1727) was an
English physicist and mathematician.
Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji (B:31,March 1926) is the present
spiritual head of the Kashi Math.He is the 20th successive
person called the Swamiji of Guru parampara.
Tibetan refugees in India mark 56th anniversary of the Tibetan
uprising in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet on 31st March 1959.
126th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower’s construction in Paris
-construction was completed on on March 31, 1889.


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