Important Events of February.

February is National Mental Health Consumer Month. National American Heart Disease Awareness Month. American Red Cross Month. National  Condom Month. National Senior Independence Month. National Black History Month or National African History Month  is an annual celebration of achievements by black Americans in U.S. history. World Interfaith  Harmony Week from February 1st to 7 th… Continue reading Important Events of February.


Wonderful Women.

1.Padmasree  Warrior is the chief  Technology  and Strategy officer of  Cisco Systems. 2.Facebook  C.O.D. is  Sheril Sandberg. Christine Lagarde  is the Managing Director of I.M.F. (International Monetary Fund) 3.America Homeland Security Secretary-Janet Napolitano is an American politician and  lawyer. She is the first woman to serve as the U.S. Secretary of  Homeland Security from 2009… Continue reading Wonderful Women.


Important Events of January 2014.

2014  is  International Year of  Small  Island Developing States. -------------------------------do----Family Farming. --------------------------------do---Crystallography. National Mentoring  Month. -----do--Braille Literacy Month. -----do--Oatmeal Month. -----do--Stalking Awareness Month. -----d0--Birth Defects Prevention Month. -----do--Blood Donor Month. -----do--Glaucoma Awareness Month. -----do--Bath Safety Month. -----do--Hobby  Month. -----do--Hot Tea Month. -----do--Soup Month. Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Global Family Day. Calcutta was renamed… Continue reading Important Events of January 2014.