Important events in March.

March is T.B.Awareness month and Fraud Prevention Month
National Eye Donor Month(since 1983)

Easter date depends on the ecclesiastical approximation of

March 21 for the vernal equinox.
March 1.
Death Anniversary of Manmohan Desai(1994). He was a
producer and director of Indian movies.
International Monetary Fund is an organisation of
188 countries, working to foster global monetary
co-operation, to secure financial stability and to
reduce poverty around the world.On March 1, 1947,
the I.M.F. began its financial operations and on
8,May,France became the first country to borrow
from I.M.F.
World Civil Defence Day.
Self Injury Awareness Day.
National Pig Day.

March 1 to 7-National Consumers Protection Week.
March 2.
Birthday of Daniel Craig(1968),an English actor.
He is best known for playing British secret agent
James Bond since 2006.
Birthday of Laurie Baker(1917). He was a British born
Indian architect. He was renowned for his initiatives
in cost-effective, energy effective architecture and
for his unique space utilization and simple but aesthetic
sensibility.He has been called the ”Gandhi of architecture”.
Birthday of Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan(1935) He was an Indian
classical music violinist.
Death anniversary of Sarojini Naidu, known as ”The
Nightingale of India”(1949).She was a child prodigy,
Indian independent activist and poetess.She was one of the
formers of the Indian Constitution. She was the first Indian
woman to become the President of the Indian National Congress
and the first woman to become the Governor of Uttar
Pradesh State.Her birthday(13 February 1879) is celebrated
as women’s day all over India.
Birthday of Anandji, an Indian music director, composer,
orchestrator and conductor.
Howard University, located at Washington D.C.,was
established on 2,March,1867.
Fun facts about names day.

Employees Appreciation Day,
March 3.

World Hearing Day.
Death anniversary of Vijaya Bhaskar(2002),
music director.
Alexander Graham Bell(B:March 3,1847;D:August 2,1922).

He was a Scottish born eminent scientist,inventor, engineer

and innovator, who is credited with inventing the first

practical telephone.
National day of Bulgaria.
Birthday of Jamsetji Tata(1839). He was an Indian
pioneer industrialist.He was born at Dasturwad,Navsari
in Gujarat.
Renukacharya jayanthi according to Hindu calendar on
Falguna Shukla Trayodashi(on the 13th day of Falguna
month).He founded Rambhapuri Mutt on the banks of river
Bhadra in Balehonnur, Chikmagalur district in Karnataka.
National Defence Day.

Pandit Puttaraj Gawai,(B:3,March,1914;D:17,September 2010)

was an Indian musician in the Hindustani classical tradition.
March 4.
National safety day is celebrated on 4th March,
because on this day National Safety Council was
established in India.

National safety week is observed from March 4 to March 10.
Birthday of Dina Pathak,(1922), (actress).
—do—of Tara(1967),South Indian film actress.
National Grammar Day.
Toru Dutt(B:1856 March 4;D:1877)was an Indian
author who wrote in English and French.
School Health Week,March 4 to 8.
National Security Day.
March 5.
Nametag Day.
Birthday(1913) of Gangu Bai Hanagal,renowned singer of
the Khyal genre of Hindustani classical music.She
belonged to Kirana Gharana.
Birthday of Uday Kumar,(1933) Kannada film actor.
March 6.
National day of Ghana(1957).
Birth day of Michelangelo(1475) known as Italian sculptor,
painter, architect, poet and engineer of the High Renaissance
who exerted an unparalleled influence on the development
of western art.
Terror hits temple town Varanasi(2006);blast at Sankat Mochan
temple built by Goswami Tulasidas and devoted to lord Hanuman.
Earthquake hits western Sumatra(Indonesia); nearly 82 people
dead and over 460 people wounded seriously.
Birthday of Abdur Rehman Rahi(1925), He was a Kashmiri poet
who was awarded Gyanapitha award (for the year 2004)in 2007.
Birthday of Krishna Kumari(1933), Telugu actress.
Death anniversary of U.R.Krishna Rao(2005).He was an
accomplished dance teacher in Bangalore.
Birthday of Valentina Tereshkova(1937). She was the
first female cosmonaut of Soviet Union, to fly in space.
Dress in Blue Day(First Friday of March).
Frozen Food Day.
March 7.
Birth day of Anupam Kher(1955), bollywood actor.
Shri Paramahamsa yogananda entered Maha Samadhi(=died).He
was an Indian yogi and guru who introduced millions of
westerners to the teachings of medication and Kriya
yoga through his book ”Autobiography of a yogi”
Death anniversary of music director Ravi Shankar Sharma(1912).
Birthday of Nasir Uddin Muhammad Humayun(1508). He was born
at Kabul. He was the son of Babar and second Mughal Emperor
who ruled a large territory, consisting of Afghanistan,
Pakistan and parts of Northern India.

Shishunala Sharifa (B:7,March 1819;D:3, July 1889)was an Indian

saint,poet,philosopher and social reformer.

National Cereal Day.

March 8.

In 1975, during International Women’s year, United nations
began celebrating International Women’s Day on 8, March.

”Balance for better”is the theme of International women’s Day


Birthday of P.Lankesh(1935), He was an Indian writer and
journalist who wrote in Kannada language.
Birthday of Fardeen Khan(1974), an Indian film actor.
Death anniversary(2004) of Sivaramakrishna Chandrashekhar,
an Indian Tamil physicist, who won the Royal Medal in 1994.He was the
founder of International Liquid Crystal Society.
In 1908,at Newyork female textile workers marched in protest of
unfair working conditions and unequal rights for women.They
called for shorter workdays and decent wages.
Air India International was founded on 1948.
The Russian Revolution (1917) dismantled the Tsarist autocracy
and led to the creation of the Russian S.F.S.R.(=Soviet
Federative Socialist Republic)
Birthday of Hari Narayan Apte(1864). He was a famous
Marathi writer.
Birthday of Sahir Ludhianvi(1921). He was a composer of songs
for Hindi films.
Death of Vinod Mehta, journalist, author and founder, editor
of ”Outlook”(B:1941;D:8,March,2015)
World Glaucoma Awareness Week(March 8 to 14, 2015)
Yashodharamma Dasappa(B:1905;D:1980)renowned as the
Kasturba of Karnataka was a well known freedom fighter
and social worker and the first cabinet rank woman
minister of Karnataka.

Josephine Cochrane(B:March 8, 1839;D:August 14,1913)

was the inventor of first commercially successful dish-washer.
March 9.

No Smoking Day.
Birthday of Yuri Gagarin(1934).He was a Soviet pilot and
cosmonaut.He was the first human to journey into outer space.
Birthday of Zakir Hussain(1951). He is an Indian Tabla player,
musical producer, film actor and composer.
A very bright Coronal Mass Ejection was observed on 1989.
Death anniversary of Devika Rani Roerich(1993). She was
the first Indian actress.
Joy Mukherjee passed away (2012). He was an Indian film actor.
Thank a Customer day is celebrated on second Saturday of March.
The doll,created by Ruth Handlar,” Barbie” made it’s first
debut on the American International Toy Fair in New York on
March 9, 1959.
March 10.
Death anniversary of Puttu Vaikunta Shet (1955),who set up
P.V.S.Group which comprises P.V.S.Beedies Pvt Ltd,P.V.S.Export
and Import Pvt Ltd,P.V.S.Printers Pvt Ltd,P.V.S.Properties
and Rental Spaces, Madhusara Trading Enterprises,Sarojini
Madhusudana Kushe Educational Institutes.The P.V.S.Group
is also known for its charitable work and concern for the
needy in society.
Birthday of Sharon Stone(1958),Hollywood actress.
Alexander Graham Bell discovered Telephone(1876).
Birthday of Osama Bin Laden(1957).
Birthday of M.V.Rajamma,a multi talented artiste born in
Tamilnadu in 1923.
Birthday of Madhav Rao Scindia(1945).He was an Indian
Death anniversary of Joseph Majini(1872). He was nicknamed
”The Beating Heart of Italy”He united the seperate
states. He was an Italian politician, journalist and
activist for the unification of Italy.His efforts
helped bring about the independent and unified Italy.
National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.
The founder-director of NIMHANS, R.Marthanda Verma
passed away on March 10, 2015. He was recipient of
the Padma Shree Award in 1970.He was 93.
March 11.
Birthday of Rupert Murdoch(1931)-Australian born,
American made, he’s created a media empire that’s
dominated print, T.V.,film and the net.
Madrid train bombings(2004) killed 198 in Spain.
World Salt Awareness Week,11 to 17(March).
World Day of Muslim culture, peace,dialogue and film.
The day was created in 2010 by Javed Mohammed, a San
Francisco bay area based writer.
World Plumbing Day.
March 12.
Mauritius Independence day.(independence from United
Kingdom in 1968 and republic on 1992)
Gandhiji led the Salt Satyagraha from Dandi on 1930
in protest against the salt tax imposed by the British.
Birthday of Falguni Pathak(1971),singer.
Death anniversary of Sun Yat Sen(1925), a fore runner of the
Chinese democratic revolution.He was the first President
and founding father of the Republic of China.
The city of Mumbai was rocked by 13 explosions(1993) in
different parts of the city. It resulted in 257 fatalities
and over 700 were injured.
Corporation Bank was founded in 1906 at the temple town Udupi,
The Founder President was Khan Bahadur Haji Abdullah Haji
Kasim Saheb Bahadur.
Second Thursday in March is World Kidney Day.Theme is
”Kidney Health for All.”

Vladimir Lenin fearing possible foreign attack, moved again

the capital from Saint Petersburg back to Moscow on March

12, 1918.

March 13, 1781-Planet Uranus was discovered by British

astronomer William Herschel.
World Glaucoma Day.World Glaucoma Week is from March 8 to
March 14, 2015.
Aryamba Pattabhi(B:12 March 1936)is a Kannada writer.
Her most important work is ”Tennis”.She is the sister
of Kannada novelist Triveni. She is the recipient of
Kannada Sahitya Academy Award(2001).
Henry Perkin(B:12 March 1838;D:14 July 1907)was an
English chemist.
March 13.
Death anniversary of Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan(2004),
sitar maestro.
Digital learning day.
March 14.
International Day of Action for rivers.
First World Maths Day was held on March 14, 2007 and
has been held on first Wednesday in March in subsequent years.
On March 14,1931 the first Indian film (with sound) ”Alam Ara”
was released at the Majestic cinema in Mumbai;produced by
Imperial Movie-tone;the story was about the ageing king of
Kamarpur and of his bickering queens.
Pi day is celebrated on March 14 around the world.Pi is a
Greek letter. Value of Pi is 3.14159265.Since 3,1,and 4
are the most significant digits of Pi in the decimal form
Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits beyond
its decimal form.
White Day is celebrated in Japan, China, South Korea and
Thaiwan on March 14th, one month after Valentine day. Girls
and women present chocolate gifts to boys or men as an
expression of love, Courtesy or social obligation.
Birthday of Albert Einstein(1879),scientist.He was a
German-born theoretical physicist, who developed the
General theory of relativity. He is also known for his
mathematical equation about the nature of energy,E=MC2.
He enjoyed classical music and played violin.He
collaborated with Dr.Chaim Weizmann in establishing the
Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Birthday of Amir Khan(1965). He is an Indian film actor,
director and producer.

March 15.
World consumer rights day w.e.f.1983.
Birthday of Kanshi Ram(1934),founder of B.S.P.(Bahujan
Samaj Party.
Ides of March is a day on the Roman calendar, that
corresponds to 15th March.On this fateful day in 44 B.C.
Julius Caesar was assassinated.
World Contact Day.
March 16.
National vaccination day.
A.K.Ramanujan (B:16 March 1929 D:13 July 1993)was a
scholar, poet, author and translator. He wrote
primarily in English.
Anna Atkins(B:16 March 1799;D:9 June 1871)was an
English botanist and photographer.She is considered
the first person to publish a book illustrated with
photographic images.
March 17.
Birth day of power star Puneeth Rajkumar(1975).
Birthday of Jaggesh(1963),film actor.
Birthday of P.T.Narasimhachar(1905)Kannada Author.
—do—of Devanahalli Venkataramanaiah Gundappa(D.V.G.),
(B:17 March 1887; D:7 October 1975)was a poet, best known for

his poem”Manku Timmana Kagga.”
Saint Patrick’s day or the Feast of Saint Patrick is
a cultural and religious event observed by the Irish
people. The day commemorates the arrival of Christianity
in Ireland and the death anniversary (March 17,461) of Saint

Patrick.The feast is observed on 17th March unless that day

is on a weekend, when it is moved to the following Monday.

Consequently it can fall on 17th,18th or 19th of March.
Birthday of Shweta Bachchan(1974)
March 18.
Birthday of Shashi Kapur(1938),Bollywood actor.
—do—– of Alisha Chinai(1965), singer.
Ordinance Factory Day to commemorate the foundation of
the first ordinance factory in the country
on March 18,1802 at Kolkata.
March 19.

Erya Lakshminarayana Alva(B:19 March 1926) is a senior

writer and social worker. He is the Kulapati of Bharata

Sanskriti Pratishtana.
Sikh Guru Har Gobind Singh died on 1644.
Birthday of Tanushree Dutta(1984). She is an Indian
actress and model. She is the recipient of ”Miss
India Universe”title in 2004.
March 20.
Birthday of Alka Yagnik(1966).She is a playback singer
of Hindi cinema.
World sparrows day.
World head injuries awareness day.
Death anniversary of Isac Newton(1727). He was an English
physicist,mathematician and scientist.
Birthday of Henrik Ibson(1828),Norwegian playwright.
His works:’A dolls house’,’The wild duck’,’The pretenders’,
‘Ghosts’,’An enemy of the people’.
International day of Francophonie Day.
International day of happiness.
World Sleep Day is held annually on the Friday before the

March  Equinox.
Equinox/World citizenship day.

Birth anniversary of Kumble Sundar Rao(1934, March 20)

Yakshagana artist.
March 21.
World Planting Day.
World puppetry day.
Vernal or spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere,
Autumnal equinox in southern hemisphere.
World Forestry Day.
Indepedence Day of Namibiya((1990).
International day for the elimination of racial
Birthday of Rani Mukherjee(1978), Indian film actress.
Birthday of Ustad Bismillah Khan,(1913),Indian musician,
credited with popularising the shehnai,a wind
instrument of music.
World Down Syndrome Day is a global awareness day
observed by the United Nations since 2012.The date
21 of 3rd month March is chosen to signify the
uniqueness of Down Syndrome which is caused by
the triplication of the 21st chromosome.
World Poetry Day.
”United News of India,”began its operation on
March 21,1961.
Twitter was created on March 21, 2006 by Jack Dorsey,
Biz Stone,Evan Williams and Noah Glass and opened to
public on July 15, 2006.It was described as ”a new
mobile service that helps groups of friends bounce
random thoughts around with S M S.
March 21 to 27 is week of solidarity with peoples
struggling against racism and racial discrimination.
March 22.
World Water Day, w.e.f.1993.
Indian National Calendar usage officially started on
Chaitra 1,Saka Era 1879 (=March22,1957) as per the
recommendation of Calendar Reform Committee.
Navroz,Parsi New Year day is celebrated on the day of
the astronomical Northward Equinox, which usually occurs
on March 21 or the previous/following day depending
on where it is celebrated.
Tamil film actor, Gemini Ganeshan(father of actress Rekha)
expired on 2005.
March 23.
Bhagat Singh went to gallows on 1931 with his
associates Sukhdev and Rajguru at Lahore central jail.
Bhagat Singh and his comrades continued to stand head
erect even to the gallows and challenged the oppressors
to cast off the yoke of serfdom from the neck of humanity.
Birthday of M.Govinda Pai,(B:March 23,1883;D:September 6, 1963).

He was the first national poet of Kannada language. He was a

scholar, poet, researcher and translator who had the knowledge

of 25 languages.The first Rashtra Kavi(=national poet) award

was conferred on him by the then Madras Government in 1949.
World Meteorological day is observed to remember the World
Meteorological Organisation’s establishment on March 23
in 1950.
Birthday of Smriti Irani(1976), actress in T.V.serial.
—do— of Ram Manohar Lohia(1910),politician and
socialist leader.
National day of Pakistan is held to commemorate the
adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan in 1956.
Kangana Ranaut(B:March 23,1987) is a Bollywood actress.
Akira Kurosawa(B:March 23, 1910;D:September 6, 1998)
was a very influential Japanese film maker.
March 24
World Tuberculosis Day.
International day for the right to the truth concerning
gross human rights violations and for the dignity of the
Joseph Priestley(B:March 24,1733;D:February 6, 1804)
was an English chemist, educator and Liberal political
theorist who discovered oxygen on August 1,1774.
March 25.
Death anniversary of Jules verne(1905), a French novelist,
poet and playwright(the prodigious and most popular
science writer).He wrote ”From the Earth to the Moon”,
”Five weeks in a baloon” and Around the Moon”.
Most of his dream weapons have turned into reality.
Birthday of Elton John(1947), is an English singer,
song writer,composer,pianist, record producer
and occasional actor.
European Economic Community was established by signing the
”Treaty of Rome” an international agreement on 1957.
Independence day of Greece.
Birthday of Nanjangudu Tirumalamba(1887), the first
woman writer in Kannada.Her pen name was ”Giribale”.
Birthday of Norman Ernest Borlaug(1914). He was an
American biologist, humanitarian and Nobel laureate
who has been called ”the father of Green Revolution.
International day of remembrance of the victims of
slavery and the transatlantic slave trade.
International day of solidarity with detained
and missing staff members.
E U Talent Day.
March 26.
Independence day of Bangladesh(1971)from Pakistan.
”Father of the Nation” was Sheikh Mujibur Rehman.
Birthday of Akshay Kumar,Bollywood actor.
Beethoven(Austrian composer)died of cirrhosis
of liver(1827).
New Delhi replaces Culcutta as Capital of
British Government in India(1931).
Soviet Union Legislative election was held
on 1989. Boris Yeltsin won the Presidential
Death anniversary of Cicil Rhodes(1902). He was
an English Business man, mining magnet and politician
in South Africa. He was the founder of the Southern
African territory of Rhodesia, which was named after
him in 1895.He was the Prime minister of Cape Colony(1890-96)
and organiser of the giant diamond-mining company,
”De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd” He established the
Rhodes scholarships at Oxford(1902).
Death anniversary of Walt Whitman(1892). He was an American
poet, essayist and journalist.He was often called
”the father of free verses”
Feroz Gandhi married Indira Gandhi(Priyadarshini) on 1942.
Purple Day for Epilepsy.
Mahadevi Verma,known as ”Modern Meera” is an outstanding
Hindi poetess (B:1907,March 26;D:1987,September, 1987)
She was also a freedom fighter, women”s activist and
educationist from India.
March 27.
World Theatre Day.
Birthday of Wilhelm Rontgen,(1845). He was a German
physicist who detected on 8 November 1895, X-rays or
Rontgen rays, an achievement that earned him the
first Nobel prize in Physics in 1901.
March 28.
Earth Hour is a global event conceived by W.W.F.
(Worldwide Fund for Nature)and The Sydney Morning Herald
in 2007,and is held on last Saturday of March annually.
An hour of darkness is due to set in,when Delhi along
with 5,500 cities across the globe, turn off the light
as part of global effort to save power at 8.30 P.M.
upto 9.30.P.M. Aim-to help to stop climate change
and protect the planet.
Birthday of Teddy Bear.It is named after U.S.President
Theodre (Teddy) Roosevelt. The inventors of Teddy bear are
Rose and Morris Michtom, two Russian Jewish immigrants, who
lived in Brooklyn.Simultaneously in Germany,
The Steiff company of Giengen produced its first jointed
stuffed bears during 1902-1903 period.Steiff bears were
first introduced at the 1903 Leipzig Toy Fair.
Birthday of Maxim Gorki, author.
Libya joined Arab League in 1953.
Birthday of Moon moon Sen(1948), actress.
Angora and Constantinople,the cities of Turkey were renamed as
Ankora and Istambul on 1930.
The first hospital ambulance goes into service, based out of
Commercial Hospital, Cincinnate,Ohio by 1865.
March 29.
Good Friday occurs 2 days before Eastern Sunday.
Good Friday is the day on which Christians commemorate
the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross.
Birthday of Edwin Lutyens(1869)He was a British architect.
who designed and built a section of the metropolis
of New Delhi.He also designed and built Viceroy’s house,
now known as Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Republic day in Switzerland(1798)
Death anniversary of Adoor Bhashi(1990). He was an Indian film
actor and film director from Kerala.
March 30.
Birthday of Vincent Van Gogh(1853),Greatest Dutch
painter in European art history.
Rajasthan day(1949); the erstwhile princely states
of Rajputana were united to form Rajasthan, this day.
Birthday of Norah Jones(1979). She is a singer,
song writer, pianist and an actress. She is the daughter
of Sitar maestro, Ravi Shankar.
Terrorists attack on Raghunath temple,Jammu.(2002)
114 people were killed and 20 injured and both
terrorists were killed.The temple was built by
Maharaja Ranbir Singh in 1860. The temple is
dedicated to Hindu God Rama.
Birthday of Devika Rani,first film actress of Indian cinema.
Guru Govinda Singh founded khalsa in Punjab.(1699)
Dr.Crawford Long was an American surgeon and pharmacist
best known for his first use of inhaled diethyl ether
as an anesthetic on 30/3/1842.
U.S.A. celebrates March 30 as Doctors Day. The observance
dates back to March 30,1942. The day marks the use of
general anesthesia in surgery. Doctors Day was started by
Eudora Brown Almond of Windser.
March 31.
Earth Hour- a global event, conceived by WWF and
The Sydney Morning Herald in 2007, is held on the last
Friday of March, every year.
India received the exiled Tibetans along with” His holiness”
the 14th DalaiLama, on 31st March 1959 and gave them political
asylum at Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh.
Annual closing of Bank Accounts(year end for banks).
The Eiffel tower is an iron lattuce tower, located in Paris.
It was erected on 1889, built by Gustave Eiffel, designed
and named after the engineer, Gustaive Eiffel.On 31,1889
the tower was dedicated in Paris in a ceremony, presided
over by Gustave Eiffel, the towar’s designer and attended by
the Prime Minister M.Pierre Tiard.The tower is 984 feet tall.
Birthday of Gangadhar Balakrishna Deshpande(1871).
He was a freedom fighter.He was called the ”Lion of Karnataka”
Death anniversary of tragedy queen Meena Kumari(1972).
She was a popular actress of Indian movies.
In an earthquake on March 31, at Colambia, nearly 5,ooo people
Anandi Bai Joshi (B:March 31, 1865;D:February 26,1887) is
believed to be the first Indian lady to qualify as a doctor
from U.S.A.in 1886.

Shri Raghavendra Swamiji was born on Phalguna shukla

saptami,1595 on Thursday and attained samadhi on dwitiya

day of Shravana krishna paksha in 1671 as per Hindu calendar.

Dalai Lama escapes to India on 31st March 1959.

International Transgender Day of Visibility.

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