Homonym is a word spelt or pronounced the same as another,

but with a different meaning depending on how the word is used.

Arm=upper limb;supply with weapons.

Account=an oral or written description of particular events or

situations; reason; basis;written record of money received and

paid out with the resulting balance.

Back=rear; support; musical accompaniment for a pop singer.

Bag=container, sack; acquire.

Bar=rod; obstacle; barricade; counter where drinks are served.

any thing that obstructs or prevents.

Board=group of people who administer a company, trust etc;

plank; embark; lodge.

Book=make reservation; long written work; number of pages

bound together between covers.

Bolt=flash of lightning; run away suddenly; sliding  metal bar

for fastening a door.

Bow=bend one’s knee or body as a sign of respect; weapon

for shooting arrows; front end of a ship; comply, give in.

Break=breaking news means news that is happening and

being reported at the moment; split; come to an end.

Brood=think long and unhappily; all the children of a family.

Cast=actors in a play; throw with force; shape the molten material

in a mould ; a glance; give out; shed; scatter; spread.

Check=investigate; break in progress.

Coat=outer garment with long sleeves; covering layer, eg: a coat

of paint.

Coast=beach; cruise.

Cold=chilled; dispassionate

Court=a place where justice is administered; marked area  for

playing a racket game; to try to win the favour of.

Cow=mature female of cattle; irresponsible or unscrupulous worker.

Crack=cleave; give in.

Credit=system of allowing customers to receive goods and pay later;

good name;attribute to.

Current=flow of electricity; present day.

Differ=disagree; be unlike.

Earth=planet that we live; soil.

Fire=something burning; discharge a gun.

Fly=insect; to move in the air;

Front=forepart;group with  a common goal; battle line or area.

Grill=question relentlessly; device on a cooker that radiates heat


Horn=one of a pair of  bony growths sticking out of the heads of

cattle, sheep etc; a device  on a vehicle sounded as a warning;

a musical instrument with a tube or pipe of brass fitted with a


Kind=to be nice; a type of object.

Like=prefer; similarly.

Nail=hard covering of the upper tips of the fingers and toes;

Note=observe; a musical sound; brief record.

pointed piece of  metal with a head, hit with a hammer to join

two objects together.

Pound=monetary unit of  Britain; hit heavily and crush to pieces.

Rose=past tense of rise; the  flower name comes from the

Latin word ”Rosa”.

Set=go down; series; group; number of  people or things grouped or

belonging together; make ready; arrange; adjust to a particular position.

Show=exhibit or display; guide; pretence.

Sound=noise; financially reliable

Stand=firmly held opinion; rack of furniture on which things may be

placed; be in an upright position.

Tear= drop of fluid falling from the eyes; rip apart;split.


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