Translation of letters and words in English into other languages.

Y=Yes (in Konkani). G=Yes,Sir(in Hindi) E=You(in Kannada) AK=Why(in Kannada). KB=Ear(in Tulu). BC=Hot(in Kannada). CD=Burst(in Kannada). BD=Set free(in Kannada). KD=One who does wicked deeds(in Kannada). ED=Keep(in Kannada). Call=Leg(in Kannada). Car=Leg(in Tulu). Monday=Head(in Tulu). Boot=Proud(in Tulu). Fool=Flower (in Hindi). Char=Four (in Hindi). Punch=Five(in Sanskrit). Moor=Three(in Kannada). Moon=Three(in Malayaali). Who=Flower(in Kannada). Mar=Beating(in Hindi). ill=House(in Tulu). Pet=Stomach(in Hindi). Cook=Mango(in… Continue reading Translation of letters and words in English into other languages.


Important events in March.

March is T.B.Awareness month and Fraud Prevention Month National Eye Donor Month(since 1983) Easter date depends on the ecclesiastical approximation of March 21 for the vernal equinox. March 1. Death Anniversary of Manmohan Desai(1994). He was a producer and director of Indian movies. International Monetary Fund is an organisation of 188 countries, working to foster… Continue reading Important events in March.



Homonym is a word spelt or pronounced the same as another, but with a different meaning depending on how the word is used. Arm=upper limb;supply with weapons. Account=an oral or written description of particular events or situations; reason; basis;written record of money received and paid out with the resulting balance. Back=rear; support; musical accompaniment for… Continue reading Homonyms