The Inspiring Women Achievers.

1.Violet Alva was the first Deputy Chair Person of the

Rajya Sabha.She was the first women lawyer to appear

before a High Court in India.

2.Dr. Geeta Varadan, the first woman scientist to become

Director  of an ISRO cetre. She is heading  Advanced  Data

Research Institute. She was awarded ISRO Merit Award-2008

by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

3.Asima Chatterjee was awarded an Msc(in Chemistry)

from Calcutta university in 1938.She was the first

woman to obtain  her D.Sc from Calcutta University in 1944.

She was appointed as honorary lecturer there.

4.Arunima Sinha is the first female amputee to climb the

Everest on May 21.2013

5.Pratima Puri was India’s first TV news reader.

6.Harita  Kaur Deol is a pilot with the Indian Air Force.

7.Marissa Mayer is the President and C.E.O. of Yahoo.

8.Anna George Malhotra was the first Woman IAS officer

of   India. She served as Secretary of  Ministry

of Education of Government of India.However, Isha Basant

Joshi was the first woman IAS officer of independent India.

She served as an officer  in Indian administrative service.

9.M.C.MaryKom is a five time  World Boxing Champion and the

only woman boxer to have won a medal in each of the six

world championships.She has also won Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna

Award,Padma shree award Padma Bhushana award and Arjun award

and International Boxing Association’s  Ambassador for women’s

Boxing-2009 award. She has won the bronze medal in London Olympic


10.Amrita Pritam was the first  and prominent Punjabi woman

writer, poet, novelist and essayist. She became the first woman

to win the Sahitya Academy Award. She had also won the

Bharatiya Jnana pith award, Padma Shree and Padma Vibhushana


11.Chandra Kochchar is the Managing Director and C.E.O. of

I.C.I.C.I.Bank Ltd.

12.Katherine  Graham led the Washington Post Company  to

prominence in the worlds of journalism and business.She

became one of the most influential and admired women of her

generation.She was the first woman to head a Fortune-500 company

and the first to serve as a Director of the Associated Press and of

News Paper Publishers Association.She also served as a chair

person of  the Newspaper Publishers Group.

13.Harriet Quimby was an American aviator and a movie

screen writer.She became the first woman to fly across the

English Channel. She was awarded a U.S.pilot’s certificate

by the Aero Club of America and she became the first woman to

gain a pilot’s license in the United States.

14.Toru Dutt was a first Indian poetess who wrote in English and


15.Dr. Poonam  Khetrapal Singh is  the first woman to be

nominated as Regional Director  for the W.H.O. South East

Asia Region for a five year term  by the 11 member States of the


16.Naina Lal Kidwai, a chartered accountant by profession

is an Indian Banker and business executive. She is currently

the Group General Manager and Country Head of H.S.B.C.India.

She is the first Indian woman to graduate from Harvard

Business School and also the first woman to guide the functioning

of a foreign bank in India. She has completed her Bachelor of Art

in 1977.She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from

University of Delhi and M.B.A.from Harvard Business School

in 1982.She is the President of the Federation of Indian Chambers

of Commerce and Industry.

17.Shikha Sharma is an Indian business person. She is C.E.O. of

Axis Bank.

18. Aruna Jayanthi is the C.E.O. of  Capgemini India Pvt.Ltd

which has over 40,000 people across  9 cities in India.

19.Preetha Reddy is the managing director of Apollo Hospitals,

one of the largest health care conglomerates of India.

20. Sara Abubakar is author,writer and novelist. She has been

chosen to recieve the coveted Nrupathunga award.

21.Padmavathi Bandopadhyay(B:4 November 1944) is the first

woman Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force.

22.Pratibha Ray is an Indian writer and novelist in Oriya

language. She was the first woman to win the Moortidevi

award. She is an eminent fiction writer. She has won

Sahitya academy award,Padma Shri award and

Jnanapith award.

23. Dr.  Vasundhara  Bhupathi is an Ayurvedic physician

and popular writer and Speaker.

24.Aban Mistry, a musician and scholar, known as the

first woman solo tabla player in India.She wrote 3 books

namely, Pakhawaj and Tabla,Table ki  bandishein and the

contribution of Parsis to Indian classical music.

25.Junko Tabei is a Japanese mountain climber who became

the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest on

May 16, 1975. She formed the Ladies  Climbing Club.

26.Arundhati Bhattacharya is the first woman to be the

chairperson of State Bank of India.

27.Priya Jhingan was the first woman officer  of Indian army.

28.Sophia Kovalevsky was the first woman  to earn

Ph.D. in mathematics.

29. Lady Agnes smyth,who is the sister of  Robert Baden Powell,

is the leader of Girls Guide Movement founded in 1910 at London

by Robert Baden Powell.

30.Ashapurna Devi is a prominent Bengali novelist and poet.

She was awarded Jnanapith Award(1976) and Padma Shree Award

(1976)by Government of India.

31.Premlata Agarwal (born in 1963) is an Indian mountain climber

who on May 20,2011 became the oldest  Indian woman to have scaled

the world’s tallest peak Mount Everest(29029ft).


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