Do You Know?

1)Pacific ocean is the deepest—35,797feet.

Pacific was named so by Portuguese navigator

Ferdinand Magellan in 1520.

2)How can you have a total of thirty left, if you

take one away from twenty nine?

Ans:Take away 1 from xx1x (29) and you will get


3)Lent is the term for forty(in Latin and Italian).

Noah’s flood  lasted for 40 days.

The wandering of Hebrews in the desert lasted 40 days.

Jesus  fasted in the wilderness of Judea for 40 days.

4)In U.S.A.,the date 01-02-03-04-05-06 was on April 5,

2006 (because in the U.S.format, the month comes

before the day as in 9/11) The world has not seen  a

date like it since 0.-0.-0.-0,-0.-0.–midnight at the turn

of  the millennium. Another amazing date, 01-02-03-

04-05-06-07-08, will arrive in another 65 years. At 12.34

on June 5, 2078, it will be 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   or 12.34(time)

on 5/6/78.

5) Zheng He, legendary Chinese explorer discovered

America 70 years  before Christopher Columbus in 1492,

if  a controversial map drawn in 1763 (copy of original

map drawn in 1418 during Ming dynasty (1368-1644)

by a Chinese cartographer is real.

6) Chillies were brought by Columbus from Caribbean.

7) Birds are believed to have an evolved language

of their own.  Certain fishes are also found to communicate

with their own kind across great distance. Bees can

communicate by using different patterns of flight and

can communicate the precise location of flowers to other


8) Mars, the Earth’s nearest neighbour comes closest to

Earth after 73,000 years. This celestial phenomenon repeats

itself  in 2,287 only.

9) Feng Shui:  Feng=wind/air which symbolises health

and Shui=water which symbolises wealth. Feng Shui

is a detailed study of  the relationship between you,

the space and the surrounding environment.

These two powerful elements (wind,water) are evidently

responsible  for  intangible forces created around the

home  and workplace. Feng Shui is life. It is energy and

understanding nature. It is the science of creating

harmony with the 5 elements of  nature–fire, metal,

earth, wood and water. The whole universe is full of

 positive and negative vibrations and we are born as

part of that  vibrations.

10) I.C.E.=Information technology, Communications

and Entertainment.


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