Do You Know?

1.Ashoka vana-where Sita was imprisoned.
2.Madhuvana-Garden of basil/Vrindavana of
Lord Krishna.
3.Kadalivana(Garden of banana plants) on
the banks of Kubera Pushkarini(river) where
Hanuman,the monkey god lives.
4.Khandava vana was offered to fire god as
fuel by Shri Krishna and Arjuna.
5.Kamyaka vana -Where Pandavas stayed after
deportation from Hastinavati.
6.Planet Neptune is named after Roman God of Ocean.
7.–do–Saturn is named after Roman God of Agriculture.
8.–do–Mars is named after Roman God of War.
9.Opera means musical drama. Opera means work in Italian.
10.Mo Yan(Chinese word)=don’t speak.
11.Bakshish(Persian word)=tip given for service rendered.
12.”MANGA” is an international comic award of Japan.
The first award goes to Hongkong artist Lee Chi Ching.
13.There are 206 bones in a human body.
14.Paradox is a statement that seems to contradict itself.
Para means beyond and doxos means openion. The word paradox
is of Greek origin.Paradoxos in Greek means unbelievable
or contrary to all expectations.
15.Catch 22 is a situation in which one is permanently
frustrated and from which one cannot escape.Joseph Heller
coined the word in his novel ”Catch 22”

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