Important Events of January 2013.

The year 2013 has been declared as ”The United
Nations International Year of Water Co-operation”
by the United Nations General Assembly in December
2010; and as ”The International Year of the Quinoa”
by the United Nations General Assembly in December,2011.
Quinoa, a highly nutritious, grain like crop has been
the staple food for centuries in South America. U.N. is
hoping to eradicate poverty by popularising the quinoa, the
life-sustaining seed which help combat malnutrition among infants.
The month January is named after the Roman God Janus, the
god of doors(Latin word for door-Janus) because this month
is door to the year.God Janus is depicted as having two faces
since he looks to the future and and to the past.
January-1.-New Year Day.
Birthday of Sonali Bendre, cine actress(1975);
Birthday of Nana Patekar, Bollywood actor.(1951)
—do—of Shri Satyendranath Bose-mathematician and physician
—do—of Vidya Balan, cine actress.(1978)
—do—of Subramanya Raje Urs, popularly known as
Sudan Independence Day(1956)

World Trade Organisation was founded.(1995)
Kalpataru Day(1886)Saint Ramakrishna Paramahamsa revealed his
mission to the world.
Name of Madras, capital of Tamilnadu was changed as Chennai(1996)
which is the shortened form of Chennapattinam, the original name
of Madras.
Anniversary of the Bra. (1907)
Yearly celebration of ”Birth of Revolution Day” in Palestine.
European single currency Euro replaced various national currencies.

George Washington unveiled the Grand Union Flag, the first

national flag in America on January 1, 1776.

Bharata  Ratna Award was established on Jauary 2, 1954.
Death Anniversary of Safdar Hashmi(1989), a communist playwright,
actor, director and lyricist associated with street dramas in India.
Birthday of Dr.Chandrashekhar Kambara, author. (1937)
Birth day of Sanjay khan(1941)-Bollywood actor.
—do— of Mel Gibson,(1956)-American actor.

Civil war began in U.S.A.  on January 3, 1861.
Independence day of Burma(Myanmar)-(1948).
World Braille Day is observed every year
on 4th January to honor the birthday of
Louis Braille (1809), the inventor of
braille, a system of reading and writing
used by peeople who are blind or visually
Birthday of Gopaldas Neeraj(1924)-poet and author in Hindi literature.
Birthday of Zulphikar Ali Bhutto,ex-Pak Prime Minister.(1928)
—do—-of Geetha S. Heblikar,classical Hindustani musician.
—do—-of Mamta Bannerjee, 8th and current chief minister of West Bengal.
She is the first woman chief minister of West Bengal.
—do—-of Dr. Murali Manohar Joshi, politician. (1934)
—do—-of Parama Hamsa Yogananda, Indian yogi who introduced Kriya Yoga
through his book,”Autobiography of a yogi.”He was born at Gorakhpur(U.P.)
on 1893.
—do—- of V.T.Kulakarni(Galaganatha), Kannada author.(1869)
—do—-of Deepika Padukone, Bollywood actress.(1986)
—do—-of Uday Chopra,(1973) Bollywood actor and son of Yash Chopra.
—do—-of Mansoor Ali Khan(1941),cricketer and Nawab of Pataudi;
spouse-Sharmila Tagore,ex-Bollywood actress; children-Saif Ali Khan,
(Bollywood actor, spouse of Karina Kapur),Saba,Soha(daughters).
Mansoor died on September 22,2011 due of respiratory failure due to
acute lung infection.
—do—-of Shah Jahan, Mughal Emperor. He was born (1592) in Lahore.
Hitler founded Nazi Party in Germany.(1919)
Madhvacharya, founder of Shri Krishna temple in Udupi was born on 1199,
at Pajaka in Udupi District. According to Hindu calendar the day was on
Magha shukla navami in Kalayukti Samvatsara.
January 6.
Apiphany or Twelfth Day-A Christian feast observed in commemoration of
manifestation of Jesus to the gentiles in the persons of Magi.
Birthday of Kapildev,cricket player/sportsman, popularly known as
”Haryana Hurricane”(1959)
Birthday of A.R.Rahman,singer,composer and music director (1966)
Beant Singh and Kehar Singh who were said to be involved in
killing of Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India were Hanged.(1989)
Death anniversary of Dr. P.K.Sethi, the inventor of”Jaipur Foot”(2008)
Dr. Maria Montessori founded Montessori system of education. The first
”House of Children” was started on January 6,1907.
Founder’s Day of United Commercial Bank .Ghanshyam Das Birla founded the
UCO Bank on January 6, 1943.
January 7.
Birthday of Shobha De,(1948)-columnist and writer.
–do—–of Reena Roy,(1957)-Bollywood actress.
–do—–of Nicolas Cage,(1964)-American actor.
–do—–of Bipasha Basu,(1979)-Bollywood actress.
–do—–of B.Saroja Devi(1938)-actress, who acted in Kannada,Hindi,
Tamil and Telugu. She has been named as ”Abhinaya Saraswathi
by Kannada film industry.
Death anniversary of Hotte Paksha Rangaswamy,(1933-2007)-politician.
–do————–of Bimal Roy,(1909-1966)-Indian film producer
and director.
January 8.
Birthday of Stephen Hawking(1942)-Scientist.
–do—–of Elvis Presley(1935-1977)-King of Rock and Roll.
–do—–of Junichiro Koizumi.(1942)-Japanese 87th Prime Minister.
–do—–of Mary Evans Wadia(1908-1996)- actress and stunt woman.
She was popularly known as Fearless /hunterwali Nadia. She is
remembered as masked adventuress in ”Hunterwali” released in
1935. It was one of the earliest female lead Indian cinema.
Death anniversary of Galileo(1642)-Italian astronomer, mathematician,
physicist and philosopher.He was awarded life imprisonment on june 23,1633,
but he was allowed to serve his imprisonment under house arrest
because of his old age and poor health.He died on 8th January,1642.
He was born on February 15,1564, the same year when Shakespeare was born.
Death anniversary of Terry Thomas (10th July,1911 to 8th January, 1990)
-Comic English actor.
January 9.
Birthday of Richard Nixon,(1913 to 1994)the 37th President of U.S.A.
—do—of Mahendra Kapur, (1934 to 2008)-playback singer.
—do—of Farah Khan,(1965)-Indian film director, actress and
Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas(Non-Resident Indian Day) is celebrated each
year to mark the contribution of the overseas Indian community to
the development of India.The day was chosen to mark the return
of Gandhiji from South Africa to India in 1915.
January 10.
Birthday of Jesudas(1940), singer.
—do—–of Hritik Roshan(1974)-Bollywood actor.
—do—–of Narhar Vishnu Gadgil alias Kaka Saheb,(1896 to 1966)
Indian freedom fighter and writer.
Tashkent Agreement(peace agreement) between India and Pakistan
on 1966 after the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965. Ayub Khan(Pakistan
General) and Lal Bahadur Shastri(P.M.India) signed the agreement to
end the 17 days war.
Death anniversary of U.S.Krishna Rao, founder of ”Kadri Nrutya
Vidya Nilaya” (dance school of Kadri) expired on 2007.He was a
Bharatnatyam dance guru.
January 11.
Death aaiversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri,(1904 to 1966)-Prime
Minister of India.
Birthday of Rahul Sharad Dravid,(1973)-Indian cricketer.
—do—-of Anju Mahendru, (1946)- actress.
Death anniversary of Edmund Hillary,(1919 to 2008)-mountaineer. He was
the first person to climb Mt.Everest.He was a Newzealander and
along with Norgay Tenzing(Nepalese guide)reached the summit on
May 29,1953.
January 12.
Birthday of Swami Vivekananda (B:January 12,1863;D:July 4,1902)

is celebrated as National Youth Day in India.His original name was

Narendranath Dutt.
Birthday of Maharishi Mahendra Yogi,(1918 to 2008)-founder of
Transcendental Meditation technique.
Death anniversary of Amrish Puri,(1932 to 2005)-Bollywood’s
favourite Villain-”Mugambe.”
Death anniversary of Kumara Gandharva,(1924 to 1992)-Hindustani
classical musician.
Death anniversary of Ramakrishna Hegde,(2004)-former chief
minister of Karnataka.
Zanzibar Revolution Day(1964). Revolutionaries overthrew the
Sultan of Zanzibar and his mighty Arab government
Haiti Earthquake of magnitude 7Mw(2010); death tol l was
believed to be 5 lakhs.
January 13.
Birth day of Imran Khan,(1983)-Bollywood actor.
Death anniversary of Madan Puri,(1915 to 1985)-Bollywood actor.
—-do————of Dr. M.Shivaram, popularly known as Rashi.
(1905 to 1984)-Kannada author, who founded the humourous Kannada
Magazine, ”Koravanji”
Death of Bala Gangadharanatha swamiji,(2013) seer of Adichunchanagiri,
Mandya District,Karnataka. He was awarded Padma Bhushana on 2010.
Lohri is the popular festival celebrated with bonfire,songs and
dance(Bhangra and Gidda)by Punjabi people.The festival is celebrated
by people of other states like Jammu, Punjab-Sindh,Haryana,
Himachal Pradesh and Delhi.

Walt Disney’s ‘Micky Mouse’-The strip debuted on January 13, 1930.
January 14.
Birthday of Sobhan babu,(1937to2008)-Telugu(language) actor.
–do—–of Narain Karthikeyan,(1977)-the first Formula One Motor
Racing driver from India.
Death anniversary(2009) of K.K.Pai(Kalsanka Kamalakhsha Pai),the first
Chairman of Syndicate Bank, Registrar of Manipal Academy of
General Education and President of Manipal Media Network Limited.
(Born on 1921)
Diary/Candle day in South Korea. They celebrate Valentine Day(holiday) on
14th of every month.
Kite Flying festival in Gujarat State and other parts of North India.
The sun enters Makara rashi(Capricorn) on 14th January which day is
called as Makara Sankranti in North India,Tila(sesame) sankranti in
Karnataka and Pongal in Tamilnadu.It is the first festival of the year
for Hindus. Kumbha Mela is held on this day every 3rd year at 4 places,
namely Haridwar, Allahabad,Nasik and Ujjain. Maha Kumbha Mela is held
every 12th year at Prayag.
Makara Jyothi is worshipped at Shabarimalai temple, as a part of ritual
on Makara sankranthi day, January 14th every year.
Januart 15.
Birthday of Mayawati,(1956)- leader of Bahujan Samajvadi Party.(B.S.P.)
She served 4 terms as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.
Birthday of Martin Luther King Junior,(B:January 15,1929;D: April 4, 1968)

was an American clergyman,activist and leader in the African-American

Civil Rights Movement.He is known for his role in the advancement of

civil rights, using non-violent civil disobedience. His birthday is

observed on third Monday  of  January every year.
Army Day is celebrated in India on 15th of January every year.
January 16.
National Nothing Day.
Hot and Spicy Food Day.
Mattu Pongal-Mattu means cow in Tamil and Pongal literally means
boiled rice.(a rice and lentil dish) In Tamilnadu, it is a festival
of thanks giving to cattle.This festival occurs on the following
day of Pongal.
Birthday of Kabir Bedi,(1946)-Bollywood actor.
—do—-of O.P.Nayyar(1926 to 2007)-music director and composer.
—do—-of Kate Moss,(1974)-top earning English model.
Death anniversary of Dr.D.S.Karki,(1984)-kannada poet.
Ellamavasye is no moonday in the month of Margashira
according to Hindu calendar. (January 11th, 2013)
Mauni Amavasye is no moon day in the month of Pushya,
according to Hindu calendar.(on 10th February,2013)
Mauni is derived from the word Muni,which literally means
an ascetic who practices silence.Purandaradasa, devotee of
purandara Vitala(Shri Hari), is remembered on this day.He
is regarded as the ”Grand Father”of carnatic music.
He propagated Dasa Sahitya among South Indians.He is one of
the 3 great saints of South India.
January 17.
Birthday of M.G.Ramachandran,(1917 to 1987)Tamil actor and
chief minister of Tamilnadu.He served successively for 3
terms as chief minister of Tamilnadu.
Birthday of Javed Akhtar(1945)-poet and lyricist from India
—do—-of Muhammed Ali,(B:January,17,1942 D:June 3, 2016)

was an American professional Boxing legend.
—do—-of Tonse Anant Pai/T.A.Pai,(B:17,January 1922;

D: 29 May 1981)was responsible for the success of Syndicate Bank

as it’s General Manager and later as Chairman.He also was the

founder of T.A.Pai Management institute at Manipal, a business

school offering management education .
Death anniversary of Bobby Fischer,(1943-2008),American chess
grandmaster and 11th world Chess Champion.
Death anniversary of Jyothi Basu,(1914 to 2010).He served as
chief minister of West Bengal from 1977 to 2000. This made him
the longest-serving chief minister of any state.
Death anniversary of Zhao-Ziang,(1919-2005)-reform icon and chief of
Communist Party, China.
January 18.
Birthday of Shri Balagangadharanatha Swamiji,(1945 to 2013) the seer of
Adichunchanagiri Math in Mandya district.
Birthday of Daniel Hale Williams,(1858 to 1931)-cardiologist.
Birthday of Sandalwood Veerappan,(1952 to 2004)-the forest brigand who
abducted Kannada actor Raajkumar and kept him in captivity for 100 days.
Death anniversary of Kundanlal Sehagal,(1904 to 1947)-Bollywood
singer and actor.
Birthday of N.T.Rama Rao,(1923 to1996)-Telugu actor.
Death anniversary of K.S.Ashwath,(1925 to 2010)-Kannada actor.
”Udupi Paryaya” is a religious ritual which takes place every
alternate year in Shri Krishna Math, Udupi. Each Swamiji of every
Matha(8 Mathas are there)gets chance to perform puja to Udupi
Shri Krishna for a period of 2 years.
18 is the number which is dear to Lord Krishna. There are 18 Parvas
(chapters) in Mahabharat and 18 chapters in Shrimad Bhagavadgita.
Paryaya ritual takes place on 18th of January.
Indian Parliament Building(1927)was inaugurated by Lord Irwin,
the then Governer General of India.(designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens
and Sir Herbert Baker.)

Mahadev Govinda Ranade(B:18 January 1842;D:16 January 1901) was

the founding member of the Indian National Congress, social reformer

and scholar.
January 19.
Birthday of Sawai Gandharva,(1886 to 1952)-Hindustani classical
Birthday of Edgar Allan Poe,(1809 to 1849)-author.
Death anniversary of Rajanish, (1931 to 1990)-the founder of OSHO.
January 20.
Death anniversary of Abdul Gaffar Khan, popularly called by Indians as
”Frontier Gandhi”,(1890 to 1988)-Indian independence activist,
political and spiritual leader,known for his non-violent opposition to
British Raj in British India.
Death anniversary of Parvin Babi,(1949 to 2005)-actress.
January 21.
Death anniversary of George Orwell,(1903 to 1950)-author.
—–do———–of Chindodi Leela,(1937 to 2010)-stage and
film actress.
Louis XVI, monarch of France was executed by the revolutionists
by means of guilotine.(1793)
January 22.
Death anniversary of Muhammad Hussain Azad,(1830 to 1910)-Urdu poet.
January 23.
Birthday of Netaji,Subhashchandra Bose,(1897 to 1945)
—do—-of Bala Thackeray,(1926 to 2012)-founer of Shiva Sena.
—do—-of Ramesh Sippi,(1947)-film director.
World’s worst earth quake in Shensi Province, China(1556).
Death toll was 8,30,000.
January 24.
Birthday of Subhash Ghai,(1945)-film director, producer and
screen writer.
Birthday of Riya sen,(1983)-actress and model.
Death anniversary of Homi Jehangir Bhabha,(1909 to 1966) He was
nuclear Physicist and founding director of 2 well-known
research institutions, namely Tata Institute of Fundamental
Research and the Trombay Atomic Energy Establishment at Mumbai.
He died when the Air India Flight 101 crashed near Mont Blanc on
24 January, 1966.
Death anniversary of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi,(B:4 February1922;D:24 January 2011)-vocalist
in the Hindustani classical tradition.He was awarded Bharat Ratna
National Day of Girl Child is celebrated by the government of India
with an objective to raise awareness among Indians about the
inequality faced by the girl children worldwide based upon their
”Jana Gana Mana”, the song composed by Ravindranath Tagore
was identified in the Constitution as National Anthem.(1950)
January 25.
Birthday of Kavitha Krishnamurthy,(1958)-playback singer.
—-do– of Michael Madhusudan Dutt,(1824 to 1873)-popular 19th
century Bengali Poet.
Cancellation of Governor General post(1950). The first Governor
General was Chakravarti Rajagopalachari,informally called as
Rajaji. He was appointed on June 21,1948 and remained in the
post until 25th January 1950.
More than 300 people died during pilgrimage/Jatra in Satara
temple stampede at Mandara Devi Kalabai temple, located atop
the Mandhradevi hill,9K.M. away from Wai,in Satara district.
January 26.
Indian Republic Day.(1950)

The Constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950.

The Constitution of India is the world’s lengthiest written

Constitution with 395 articles and 8 schedules. It contains the

good points taken from the Constitutions of many countries

in the world.
International Customs Day.
National Day of Australia.
Sydney(Australia) was establishes in 1788.
Birthday of prominent Kannada poet, K.S.Narasimha Swamy,popularly
known as ”Mallige(jasmine) Kavi(poet)”-(B:26 January, 1915;

D:27December, 2003)
The British took control of Hongkong on a long lease.(1841)
Hindi became National Language.(1965)
2001:Earth quake in Gujarat More than 20,000people were
believed to be dead and 1,66,001 people were injured.
1531:Earth quake in Lisbon,Portugal.
1700:Cascadia earth quake.
January 27.
1967:Apollo-I exploded -3 astronauts were killed.
Birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,(1756 to 1791)-an Australian
composer.He wrote symphonies,created operas,solos and archestral
pieces,before his death at 35.
Death anniversary of O.P.Nayyar,(1926-2007)-music director.
—-do———– of Ramaswamy Venkataraman,(1910-2009)
ex-President of India.
Holocaust Memorial Day.Jews of Europe were killed by Nazis
in death campus between 1940-1945. Red army soldiers liberated
Nazi death camp at Auschwitz in Poland on 27th January, 1945.
U.N.O. declared the event as International Day of Commemoration
in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.
Birthday of Bobby Deol,(1969)-Bollywood actor.
—do— of Amar Singh,(1956)-U.P.(Uttar Pradesh)Politician.
January 28.
Birthday of Lala lajpat Rai,(B:January 28,1865;D:November 17,1928)

He was a freedom fighter and author. He was popularly known

as ”Punjab Kesari”(=Lion of Punjab) and was the part of

the ”Lal,Bal, Pal” trio.Punjab National Bank was founded by

a group of patriots lead by Lala Lajapat Rai.
Birth day of Dr.Raja Ramanna.(scientist) He was
known for -”Operation Smiling Buddha”,”Operation Shakti”
and Indian Nuclear Programme.(1925 to 2004)
Birthday of Pandit Jasraj,(1930)-Indian classical vocalist.
—do— of Dr.Saa.Shi Marulayya,(1931)-Kannada author.
Death anniversary of William Butler Yeats,(1865 to 1939)
-Irish poet and author. He was awarded Nobel Prize in
Literature in 1923.
January 29.
Birthday of Oprah Winfrey,(1954)-American media proprietor,
talk show host,actress,producer and philanthropist.
Birthday of Rajya Vardhan Singh Rathore,(1970)-Born in
Jaisalmer,an army officer, winner of silver medal in shooting
in 2004 Olympics.
The space shuttle,”Challenger” exploded,(1986) taking the
lives of 7.(1 astronaut and 6 crew members)
January 30.
Death anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhiji.(1948)
Nathuram Godse shot him at Teen Murthi area of New Delhi.
Martyrs Day,Sarvodaya day and Anti Leprosy Day also are
observed on 30th January every year.
Birthday of Franklin D. Roosewelt,(1882 to 1945)-32nd
President of U.S.A.
Birthday of Jemima Khan,(1974)-writer, campaigner and
associate Editor of ‘New Statesman.’
Death anniversary of Sydney Sheldon,(1917 to 2007)-Novelist.
His best sellers are-‘Rage of Angels’,The Sands of Time’and
‘The Other Side of Midnight.’
Death anniversary of Vyasaraya Ballal,(1923 to 2008)-novelist.
January 31.
National Day of Nauru, formerly known as Pleasant Island, is
an island country in Micronesia in the South Pacific.Nauru is
the world’s smallest republic, covering just 21 square Kilometre.
”Love Your Wife Day” in Japan.
Birthday of D.R.Bendre(Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre);Pen name-
”Ambika Tanaya Datta.”Born at Dharwar, Karnataka.

(B:January 31,1896;D:October 26, 1981)
-prominent poet in Kannada literature of Navodaya period.
Birthday of Preity Zinta,(1975)-actress.
—do—of Amrita Arora,(1981)-actress.
Death anniversary of Suraiya,(1929 to 2004)-playback singer.
——do———of T.Nagesh Rao, original name-Krishna Gundu Rao,
(1933 to 2009)-Tamil film actor(comedian); he has acted in more
than 1,000 films.
Death anniversary of H.Narasimhaiah,(1920 to 2005)-‘Padmabhushana’
award winner, Kannada author.

Parshwanatha was the 23rd Tirthankara of Jainism.(C 872-C 772)

He was born on the 10th day of the dark half of Marghashira month

to King Ashwasena and queen Vamadevi. He attained Nirvana on

Shravana shukla saptami.

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