One Line Thoughts.

1.Speed thrills; but kills.
2.To reach great height, a person needs to have
great depth.-Anonymous.
3.Attitude deteremines altitudes.-Srinivas Raman.
4.Circumstances do not make the man; they reveal
him.-James Allen.
5.The life of this world is nothing but the harmony
of opposites.-Jalaluddin Rumi(Mystic)
6.Dreams don’t age.
7.Conciliation is better than confrontation.
8.Books are a mighty bloodless substitute for life.
9.Consider that a friend may be made out of an enemy.
10.Silver and gold are purified by fire but God purifies
11.Man is tested by his reaction to man’s praise.
12.We live more by examples than by reason.
13.He lives, who dies to win a lasting name.
14.It is better to have self control than to control an army.
15.If you can’t be a tree, be the best possible bush.
16.Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.
-Stephen Covey.
17.Roads, the more curves, the more dangerous they are.
18.Inner joy promotes healing.
19.We can no longer live in an isolated paradise.
-Dermot Bolger(Ireland’s wrter).
20.You cannot listen if you are talking;and if you are
talking, you are not learning.-Baba.

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