Find the fragrance in English.

Views on different concepts.
1.Smile:A curve that can set a lot of things right.
2.Pessimist:A person who says that ”O”is the last
letter in ”ZERO”, instead of the first letter in
3.Optimist:A person who starts taking bath , if he
accidentally falls into a river.
4.Health is not only physical; it is also mental,
social and spiritual.
5.Kangaroo=Kan-Ga-Roo(= I dont know) in the Aboriginal
language of natives of Australia.
6. Economics (in Greek) means house-hold management.
7.”Fu”(Chinese character) means ”good fortune”.
8.”Gelos”=laughter(Greek root);gelotologist studies the
physiological effects of laughter.
9.A person who collects coins is a Numismatist.
10.Politics is for the thick skinned and not for the
faint hearted.
11.Money:a)Those who are of the openion that money will
do everything, may very well be suspected to do everything
for money.-George Savile.
b)The real measure of your wealth is how much you would be
worth, if you lost all your money.-Anonymous.
12.Communication: What we say is just as important as how
we say it. Choosing the right words usually determines the
success or failure of a message being communicated.
13.Every and each:There is a clear distinction between
”every” and ”each”.”Every” refers to the totality
(say-month/community) and ”each” refers to the units/
individuals/ composing it.
14. Treat a mistake as an experience and not as a source
of self-condemnation.Every mistake teaches us something in
life. It inspires retrospection and introspection. It makes
us humble and wiser.-J.P.Vaswani.
15.Enjoy differences; for, they add richness, variety and
spice to life.Let us also accept the fact that the context
of a relationship should be one of love and not of expectation.
-Swami Sukhbodhananda.
16.Beauty, thy name is woman.She is a mystery, the more you
discover, the more you are astonished.She is love,the more
you get, the more you want. She is a magic, the more you
experience, the more you’re spellbound.
17. Women like to be loved and men like to be needed.
18. You are as little as the things that annoy you.
19.Peace is sought as much by the rich as the poor.
The poor need food and shelter for peace and the rich
need peace despite having food and shelter. This is the
paradox faced by almost everyone.
20.Life is not only finding right person, but creating
right relationship. It is not how much we care in the
beginning, but how much we care till end.
Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the
moments that take your breath away.

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