Headaches And Their Cure.

A headache is perhaps the most frrequent single

complaint  of  modern  times. One of the main

causes are tension and muscle spasms in the neck,

scalp and jaw. For this reason, massaging or

otherwise  relaxing  the  neck muscles can sometimes

help to relieve  headaches.

Most so-called  migraine headaches are really severe

tension headaches: the cause is entirely psychological.

Many diseases have also been linked with mental attitudes.

Psychiatrists say that  migraine is definitely associated with

hostility. They believe that for many of the  illnesses arising

out of  tension situation, the victim has a deep-seated desire

to hurt someone or something around him/her and the

headache is a subsequent  reaction to this deep-seated


Headache patients  frequently worry about brain tumours;

but the possibility that an intermittent headache is  caused

by a  brain tumour is exceedingly remote.

The best cure for a headache is to take an aspirin or some

other such analgesic but if the headache persists for some

days, a doctor should be consulted.

Source:Health Hints(Authors:Dr. Christian Barnard,

C.Northcote Parkinson, M.K.Rustomji)

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