Do You Know?

1)Spreading wet gunny bags on the terrace
will have a cooling effect.
2)The safe way to kill the tree roots is to
drill tiny holes into the roots and to stuff
the same with asafoetida.
3)Packed on the outside walls of a house,
cowdung acts as an insulator, keeping heat out
in the summer and holding it inside in winter.
Smoke from dung fire keeps flies away and acts
as a mosquito repellent.
4)The metric system was not invented by the
French in the 18th century but by the
inhabitants of Indus Valley 4,000 years ago.
The Harappan civilization had developed a measure
of length equivalent to today’s “metre.” Studies
of Great Bath(public water tank in ancient world)
also show that the Indus Valley inhabitants had
realised that space and time were correlated-a
fact that Physicists realised through the
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.5)The number 108 represents the ultimate

reality of the universe as being (seemingly  

paradoxically) simultaneously one(1),

 emptiness(0) and infinite/everything(8).

a)The distance of  Sun from Earth, divided by

diameter of of  Sun and b)distance of  Moon

from Earth, divided by diameter of  Moon  is

approximately equal to  108. The great sires of 

 vedanta knew this relationship and  thus 108

is a very important number in Vedantic  chantings. 

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