Do You Know?

1)Cow dung is accurate for carbon dating. It’s a

data set that typically disappears in the fossil record.

All we typically get are bones but with dung, we get

bio-chemistry. We can tell a lot about the climate by

analyzing what plants the animal ate.-Jim Mead(Scientist)

2)Philosophy=Philo-Sofia(Love of Knowledge).

3)Atlas, edited by Claudius Ptolemy, who lived

during the first and second centuries, was the first

atlas ever printed. Ptolemy was an astronomer and


4)Honey is the only food that does not get spoilt.

In fact, honey found in the tombs of  pharaohs,

found edible-after all the years-by archaeologists.

5)Scholar plant/Chitwan/-evergreen, shady,cool,

scented and well known for increasing concentration.

6)Multiple Sclerosis is a degenerative disease of the

central nervous system, which results in patients slowly

losing control over their bodies. German remedy:-Betaferon,

injection of Interferon used in the treatment of  the disease.

7)Bom (good) Bahia (bay)=Bombay.(origin:Portuguese words)

8)When you smile, you use 53 facial muscles.

9)Just as fortified salt cures goitre, now we have

new fortified sugar which curbs the increasing cases

of xerophthalmia and night blindedness among kids.

Fortified sugar makes up for vitamin A deficiency.

10)Men look for facts(news, sports, stocks etc);

Women seek health and religious guidance.

–a survey of U.S.Web usage has found.


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