Politics is not a subject to be shunned; it is a holy subject. Greek  philosopher Aristotle has said that politics is a  subject of mastery, a matured science, and a super art. In a  holy land ruled by incarnations of God like  Shri Rama and Shri Krishna, are born villains like  Kamsa, Kichaka, Dhuryodhana and  Shakuni,… Continue reading Politics


Divine Corner

1.Rudra(Shiva)  means one who drives away sorrow. Rudham(sorrow) dhravayathi(drives away) Rudra-says the chant. He  loves ablutions (a ritualistic bath). He is worshipped in the form of Linga which means mark and symbol; a dot, which represents the whole. The round shape of Linga represents the universe. Lingam means leenam(hiding) gamayareti(Shiva is in me) Linga implies… Continue reading Divine Corner