Sin And suffering

According to scriptures suffering  of a person is due to committing of  sins in previous births.

But for those who do not believe in rebirths, suffering is  not evidence of sin.

According to them laws of nature do not make difference between nice and corrupt people .

Nature is morally blind,without values,uncaring about who   or what,gets in its way.

Weighing good verses bad deeds is absurd.

A bridge has no conscience neither the brick walls of a house.

They may collapse due  to heavy rain  or if they get aged.

It is human kinds innate tendency to extract meaning from calamity.

The search for such meaning may be found in moral guidelines laid down by our spirtual leaders to guide the human kind in a virtuous path.

It is an attempt to advise  people that bad things  happen to those who violates moral guidelines or commit sins.

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