Proverbs In Tulu Language

1] To take revenge with the water,refuse to take bath or wash hands in water.
2] The heat of burning sun during the hot summer of Aati[Ashadha/July] causes cracks on the back of elephant.
3] You cannot predict the cat sitting on the wall,which side it is going to jump.
4] To search for toilet when one feels to attend nature’s call.
5] One who went for filing his ship returned with goods but one who went to fill his stomach did not return.
6] An idle sculptor tried to carve the buttock of the child.
7] The floor below is not visible for the girl when she becomes youth;The nations seem no barrier for the boy when moustache start growing.
8] Measure the depth of water by stepping down into it.Study the people by living with them.
9] If you try to draw milk from,you find it is not cow;if you try to use it for ploughing,you find it is not bull.
10] What is the necessity of asking the price of buffalo for the person who has come to buy the milk?

By: Vani

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