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During Vedic age,before 200 B.C,women were eligible for studying Vedas and performing sacrifice. Upanayana,the Vedic iniation of girls had been as common as  that of boys. Rigveda,the oldest known literature in the whole world contains hymns[Suktas] composed by as many as 27 women seers[Brahmavadinis] Source:Collection


Upbringing Of Kids

Kids deserve affection and better treatment. Repressed traumatic experiences of childhood remain etched in a person's sub-concious and influence  his/her behaviour even during adulthood. The  negative aspect of this influence takes its toll on the society. The need of the hour is to understand and modify the finer aspects  of  child upbringing and schooling in… Continue reading Upbringing Of Kids


The story Of Goddess Durga

The story of Goddess Durga  is an allegorical representation of the continual conflict, Rraging within every human  between divine and demonic instincts. Mortals  have to fight a gruesome  battle against the negative  passions like anger,greed,jealousy. It is the awakening of divine  power  that can free  a  person from the bondage of ego to attain  supreme… Continue reading The story Of Goddess Durga