Quotes From Bhagavad Gita

You are the original God,the oldest person,the ultimate resting place of the entire universe. You are the knower and you are that which is to be known,the supreme abode. You of limitless form pervade the entire universe! And why should they not bow before you,O,exalted one, You are even greater than Brahma being the original… Continue reading Quotes From Bhagavad Gita



Manipal,a place near Udupi in Karnataka State India,gave asylum to many sages during,  Epic age and hence called Manipal-[Muni-Palane=bringing  up of sages]. Indrani,wife Indra was seperated from her husband because of curse of a sage and made penance here, And got her wishes fulfilled.Manipal is not only sacred and holy but also famous for natural… Continue reading Manipal



What is not in a name?A name carries with it information about one's origin,religion,community,gender and identity. We identify by name, each object on earth,liquid or solid and the objects which we feel but not see. Parents name their children after spiritual or famous persons  and expect their children to follow their  footsteps and ideals. But we… Continue reading Name