New Delhi

New Delhi was established in the year 1931. It is 3 miles away from old Delhi in southern direction on the hill named Rayasima. Old Delhi of today had been called Indrapratha during the days of Mahabharata. Source:Collection


Version About Mahabharata

Mahabharata-The Maha Tradition-Iravathi Kharve describes in "Yugantha" , A perceptive reading of Vyasa Mahabharata,how the epic,  Emerged from a ballad of  triumph called "Jaya';Jaya was the story of,  A  particular king and his victory  over another. The balladeers or sutas would sing the  ballad in courts. Through their travels,they would have spread the tale among laymen… Continue reading Version About Mahabharata


Where Speaking Truth Is Not Allowed

One cannot speak the truth at all time.It depends upon the situation one faces in life. At reality shows,some artists  perform a risky show  like dance  of , Spiders on the web of ropes,which makes the audience spell bound. Some  other artists perform dance of butterflies which is enchanting. The judges applaud every performance as… Continue reading Where Speaking Truth Is Not Allowed