Tito sees a large number of young men running on a highway. He asks a bystander "why they are running?". The man tells him a Marathon race is going on. "What do they get by running like this"?, He asks the man.The man replies, "The winner will get a prize". Tito:"Then why  the others are… Continue reading Humour



1.Titanic elephants eat only leaves,whereas tiny ants eat only sugar. 2.In these days of marketing age,the genuine words have no value. 3.Measure the depth of a river before crossing it.Study the history of person before relying upon him. Source:Collection



What are the seven secrets of success? I found the answer in my room. 1.Fan said:Be cool. 2.Roof said: Aim high. 3.Windows said:See the world. 4.Door said:Push hard for your  goal. 5.Clock said:Every second is  precious. 6.Mirroor said:Reflect before you act. 7.Calender said:Be uptodate. "IQ gets you hired,Eq gets you promoted" IQ=Intelligence quotient;Eq=emotional intelligence. Source:Collection